Does your decorating project have you feeling Stressed, and overwhelmed?

This is usually the result of starting a decorating project without a design strategy. You start out excited for the first few mins until…

You realize you have a few problems:

  • You can’t figure out where to start

  • Your mind is racing with ideas on overload

  • You are scared you don’t know how to pull everything together.

  • Your afraid you will blow the budget again and your husband is already upset from your last decorating project.

As you try to figure everything out the panic starts to build as you realize you might be in over your head and you certainly don't have time or energy to try to figure it all out.  You are completely stuck and overrun with emotion!

No problem, I am here to listen and help you fix this design dilemma with a design strategy.

Imagine getting this room completed without all of the confusion and stress.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream come true!

  • You will waste no more time or money buying and returning items that just don’t work in the space

  • No more worrying another minute trying to figure out if the patterns and colors work together

  • You don’t have to worry about blowing the budget as you know exactly what your project will cost.

  • You now will have a room design custom designed for perfection that will have your neighbors asking you for help.

Sounds like you need a easty installation design plan strategy

I’ve bundled all the knowledge and street cred I have spent years perfecting so you can relax and enjoy your decorating experience.



This is what is included in your Easy Installation Plan


A working floor plan to show you exactly where the best place in the room is to place your furniture. While utilizing the best use of the space.


New colors for your room that work seamlessly together. Colors to create mood and set the feel of the space including metals and accent colors


Hand picked furniture for your families needs and style. With fabrics to wrap you in comfort and storage for all of your special keepsakes. Accessories selected to show off your families personal hobbies, hopes and dreams.


Wall elevations are a floor plan of each of your walls. They direct you on exactly where to place your furniture against each wall and where all of our photos are to be hung. No more second guessing what photo to hang and where.


A cheat sheet of items to be done and in the order they should be completed. Saving you from the guessing game of knowing what is next.


A list of materials you will need to purchase to complete your room. This list will contain clickable links to take you directly where to buy. Saving your time from running all over town trying to find just the right thing. You will have it at your finger-tips.

Up to 2 revisions will be allowed from the original presented plan.

Your investment: $549.00

The real investment: countless hours, mistakes, tears, and money lost that you can’t get past. You’re getting the benefit of thousands of hours I have spent as a design expert. And don’t forget there is no price tag on peace of mind!

Bubbly, fun and informative. Christy is a real sweet, southern belle! She understands that the aim is not to be perfect but to just make your life more manageable and make your room work for you so that it feels like a safe haven rather than another obstacle in your life. Thank you :-)

— Marie Crees

Whether your home is:

  • In another state - doesn't matter services are provided virtually

  • Not sure what your design style is - we'll define it

  • Not sure where to start - I'll show you

  • Stuck with using some of your existing furniture - I'll make it work

Are you ready to transform your home decor with an easy installation plan

  • This plan is perfect for your if you are a busy working mom who is stressed, busy, and overwhelmed by trying to navigate through all of the decorating decisions.

  • You want to decorate your but you don’t have the time to start from scratch

  • You are ready to take your home decor to a whole new level

Imagine having a design strategy in place that makes decor project come together seamlessly. You’ll have

  • More time, more money saved, more confidence!

  • A better experience decorating which will propel other room projects.

  • A way to visualize your space before you purchase any materials.

How do I know this works?

I began work in 1997 decorating homes right out of college and have a large wealth of knowledge in floor covering. This knowledge was gained while working one on one with clients for a local mom and pop floor covering store. 

Through my experiences, I have helped thousands of clients. For years my clients have shared their thoughts and dreams for their homes with me and I have helped them make it become a reality.

Just by asking some questions, families sharing their personal need and through photographs I have been able to help my clients create a home they will be proud of. I have been able to transform many homes into beautiful new spaces my clients only dreamed about.

Through time and technology changes I have been able to expand my skills into the full use of my degree in interior design with online design work. Now I spend my days with my own clients doing online design.

Want to see how a design strategy plan can transform your room ? It’s all right here in the Total Room Makeover.

The Process


Step 1 Questionaire

 Provide me with details about your room including what you like and dislike. Tell me what you envision for your space. I can then set up a time with you to discuss your space. 


Step 2 Upload Photos & Measure your space

This is a walk through of your space. You'll receive a guide on how to get the best photo shots. Measuring your room is essential to a properly designed room. Accuracy is important so measure twice if neccessary.  Be sure to include any existing furniture and accessories you plan to keep.


Step 3 Designer creates an online design plan

Once I receive your questionaire, photos, and measurements I'll begin to work on your project.  You might not hear from me for a few days as I get in the design zone.



A floor plan will show you exactly where the best place is to place your furniture. This will ensure that all the furniture will fit properly and with adequate space for freely moving throughout the space. 


Mood Board

Mood boards show you exactly what you need to complete the look for your room. You will be able to see exactly how eveything will look together. A shopping list will ensure there to be no more second guessing.


Wall Rendering

Wall elevation or renderings are like a view of each wall. They show exactly where to hang your art and what the room will look like from different angles showing that the room is properly balanced and proportional.

Ready to create a home you love to come home to?  Ready to end the struggle? Let's get started.

Just add this easy installation plan to your cart and checkout. You'll receive an email confirmation from me shortly afterward with your questionnaire.

Easy Installation Plan

This plan is perfect for you if you are a busy working mom who is stressed, busy, and overwhelmed by trying to navigate through all of the decorating decisions.

You want to decorate your but you don’t have the time to start from scratch and you need to totally decorate the room.

After a consultation, you will receive a style plan, shopping list, and design implementation guide to help you create a completely new space.

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The hardest part before my consult was determining how to best update my home, but Christy helped me to see it doesn’t all have to be done at the same time... Small areas at a time are less overwhelming.

If I had not chosen to work with Christy I probably would have gotten more overwhelmed and left things the way they were and pushed the update to future.

My biggest insight learned during coaching was small changes even with what you have can make a difference such as new placement of furniture.

This was valuable to me because I’m redecorating on a small budget and can’t afford to go out and buy lots of new items.

I was able to gain new ideas of how best to utilize some things I have and great guidance from Christy in how to move forward with changes I would like to make in the near future.

I’d recommend working with Christy to people who want to receive great insight on updates to their homes especially when they are at a loss for ideas.

Christy is down to earth and easy to talk with. She’s also eager to help and answer questions. She is very knowledgable about decor whether in large upscale homes or small little farm homes.

I appreciate the effort and time she allowed to actually meet with me personally to review my needs.
— Cindy Kernodle
If you are looking for a designer that listens to your ideas and can pull it all together give Christy King Interiors a call
— Tina Pendell