Being "stuck" is the worst.

When you have looked and looked. Pinned and pinned sometimes it's easy to be on decorating overload. You have searched for ideas and inspiration but you can't seem to sort through all the ideas. You are just stuck. Making NO progress! 

You are ready for the next step and to move forward you are just not sure what that next move is. You know you are missing the mark but you are not really sure what it is. You really can't afford to make any more mistakes or your husband might really lose it this time. You just need someone to get you back on track. To help you discover what your next move or action should be. 

I gotcha covered!

I'll walk you through a one-on-one design consulting session with ways you can transform your room into the room of your dreams. Let's get you unstuck and moving again on your project!

Here are some of the things our session could cover: 

  • What to save and what to splurge on to make the most of your budget

  • What size area rug should you use that will help to define your space

  • How to create a romantic bedroom to rekindle the flame with your spouse

  • Brainstorm ideas for accessories so you can personalize your room

  • How to provide extra hidden storage in your room to hide the clutter

  • A way to incorporate what you already have into your home to make the most of the budget

  • Where the best place is to put your furniture to get the most out of your space

  • What colors would be good for your room to create the mood you desire

  • Where should you hang your artwork to create balance?

  • Suggestions for the best lighting for your room so you can see to complete tasks

  • What patterns would work well together to create harmony together

  • Analyze your personal decor style so you'll not get distracted while shopping


What to expect to happen during our time together:

To be honest I don't know! Every home is different and every one could be stuck at different stages in their project. But I do know we will figure it out!

You purchase some chat time with me and we'll tackle your specific needs.

I'll then collect some information from you so we can make the most of your time and money.  This also helps me define exactly how I can be of the most help to you. 

The result will be ideas for your room you can put into action for your room. No more need to keep spending money trying to find a solution that just doesn't work.

You'll finally have clarity on your style, and together we'll create a room that you love. This will provide you with actionable roadmap to make it happen. This plan can be implemented in your time frame and on your budget. 

How It Works:

  • You'll pay for the hour in advance per room we will be focused on.

  • I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out, instruction on taking a few pictures of your room, and a link to schedule your call with me. 

  • We'll hop on a video call for one hour and we'll work on a personalized strategy for your room. 

  • I'll send you the call recording once we end our hour together so you can go back through it at any time and review it.

The Process


Step 1 Questionaire

 Provide me with details about your room including what you like and dislike. Tell me what you envision for your space. 


Step 2 One-on-One Video Call

Let's get specific about what your needs are in your room to take it from Whoa to WOW! We'll discuss exactly how you can make it happen.


Step 3 Email Of The Video Call

I will send you over a copy of our recorded video so that you can go back and review what we discussed and how to pull your room together.

Your investment $189.00

The real investment: Countless hours wasted, mistakes made, tears, sleepless nights, and money lost that you will NOT have to endure. You’re getting the benefit of thousands of hours I put into becoming an expert in my business I can provide to you.

Trying to navigate through all of the decor decisions is a time suck!

  • Cut the amount of time it takes to figure out what your room really needs

  • Create the peace of mind you really want from having a professional guide walk you through the things you might not have even thought of.

  • Stop the scramble of trial and error decorating from buying and returning costing you time and money you could enjoy on other things you love.

We took your advice and are well pleased. Thank you for all your help during the process of designing our second “empty nest.
— Karen & Tim Klipfel

Whether your:

  • In another that state - doesn't matter services are provided virtually

  • Not sure what your design style is - we'll define it

  • Not sure where to start - I'll show you

  • Stuck with using some of your existing furniture - I'll make it work.

These services are perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to get unstuck and take action in your home.

  • You have good ideas for your room you just need help organizing how to put all of it together.

  • You’re ready to lose your home shame, and get working on a home you love

Imagine having all of your thoughts and ideas sorted out so your project can come together without the overwhelm. You’ll have…

  • Clarity on where to start as we take the room and break it into sections making your project much easier to handle so you don’t become over whelmed.

  • All of your ideas for the room will become sorted out into what works and what you might could elimnate from the plan.

  • Explore ways you could personalize your room to make it speak your families style.

How do I know this works?

I began work in 1997 decorating homes right out of college and have a large wealth of knowledge in floor covering. This knowledge was gained while working one on one with clients for a local mom and pop floor covering store. 

Through my experiences, I have helped thousands of clients. For years my clients have shared their thoughts and dreams for their homes with me and I have helped them make it become a reality.

Just by asking some questions, families sharing their personal need and through photographs I have been able to help my clients create a home they will be proud of. I have been able to transform many homes into beautiful new spaces my clients only dreamed about.

Want to end the struggle and get your project moving again? Its all possible through the consultation.

I was struggling knowing what my design style was before I met Christy. If I had not decided to work with her I would have got NOTHING done! After my consultation, I was able to learn what my design style and how to mix patterns.

My session really helped me to be able to gain lots of insight and confidence.
I would recommend working with Christy if you have a room you want to redesign or redefine. I love the plan she created for me. The best things about working with Christy is she tells it like it is! She is amazing at what she does!
— Melissa Huffman

If you're looking to get going again, to get unstuck you'll want to get signed up because those are the kind of results that my clients get.  You deserve to have a home you love to come home to.

Room Clarity Plan

You are ready for the next step and to move forward you are just not sure what that next move is. You have ideas you are just need help pulling our thoughts together.

During a consultation we will create a plan of action for your room. Please not this service is for one room. If you have an open concept room you will need to pay for each area.

Get the clarity you need for your decor project and put your ideas into a design plan.

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