Ever wish that someone would just come in and help you figure out what colors would look best? Then today is your lucky day!


Okay so here is the dealio: Creating a beautiful room is not easy.  There is a lot to know and figure out before you can even get started designing a room and really who has the time in their busy schedule for that.

If you try to figure out your room on your own then you end up:

  • Watching all the HGTV shows that make it look so easy. Well yeah duh it is easy when they have a designer on staff directing them all. All they  you have to do is assemble the plan that is given to them. Not to mention all the material to complete the project is donated for the trade off of advertisement.
  • Then you try pinning every inspiring image on Pinterest. Trying to find as many looks as possible you like, you attempt to pin all the looks you like in a hope that you can some how pull it all together. But let's be honest you really have not clue yet how you are going to make that happen. 
  • Maybe if you browse a few more home and garden magazines you will find the anwers. The magazine promises to make your room look like the rooms of the Hollywood stars. So surely there are easy steps there that work. 
  • Of course the best answer to your problems will be found in your mother in law. She has redecorated her home many times and surely she can see color a lot better than you can. Although, her style is nothing like yours you can at least try to get her advice.  
  • Struggling to still figure it out, there is a way to figure it all out without pulling out all your hair. 

I know it is a giant pain in the you know what.

And that is not OK with me. Decorating a room should be fun and a lot more simply than that. 

The bottom line is you need help knowing how to pick colors for your home!

I can help!

As much as I like going through pictures on Pinterest that really is no way to get your color scheme together. 

What you really need is a proven strategy to show you exactly how to pick colors and put your own color schemes together - and not random articles from the home and garden magazine. 

Seriously there is nothing more powerful than someone showing you exactly what you need to do to choose your colors. 

Introducing the class Learn to create color schemes for your own home.

So what exactly is the Create Color Schemes For Your Own Home Class?

The Learn To Create Color Schemes For Your Own Home class is a 5 video series that begins at the basics of color theory and takes you all the way through creating your own color schemes. This information is coming from my over 2 decades of experience with picking and chosing paint colors daily with my own clients.  

This is an easy to follow video course.

In these 5 videos you will learn:

  • The basics of color theory and terminolgy.
  • The different types of color schemes.
  • Foolproof preplanning for your room.
  • How to actually create a color scheme
  • Understanding of the paint fan.

Inside links to my two favorite tools that I use to create color schemes for my own clients. So cool right?! Take all the guess work out of creating your own color schemes once you really start to see and undertand color for what it is. Understand how the colors work to gether. Preplan your room before your start your room off on the wrong foot. Then assemble your own color scheme before you even begin to start decorating your room. Understand the paint fan and what finish will work best. Get started now and never need to go to others again for help with your colors.