I’m not able to read minds or any other woo woo stuff, but I bet I can tell a few things about you.

I'm guessing:

  • You are a busy working momma who has little to know time to get all the things you want done and if you do find time you are too exhausted to think straight. You would love to design a beautiful home more than Charlie Sheen loves coke, more than Miley loves twerking, even more than Kanye loves Kanye! But it’s just so overwhelming!

  • You aren't crazy about trying to navigate all the decorating decisions- all the time you have to spend Googling “how to decorate a bedroom”, or "how to create a dream home" is more THAN actually doing the thing.

  • You're frustrated because you've tried every trick in the playbook, and you're still not quite sure why your rooms don’t look like those on Pinterest - you know you are missing something but your not sure what. Maybe you either you have no design talent, or your ideas totally suck, or you have no clue how to pull it all together so you daydream about a beautiful homes you like on HGTV.

  • You're skeptical about spending another penny because you've invested your hard earned money into something you will have to live with for years. And if you spend one more penny on something that just doesn’t work then your husband really will flip his lid.

  • You're a little lonely trying to figure it on your own. You know you are fun, fabulous and slightly offbeat, and working with a buttoned up professional designer makes you sick to your stomach. You really wish you had someone to bounce your ideas off of that could really help you to make real change without all the judgement.

  • I'm so right, aren't I?

Enter The home design Vault

It's time to cut through the crap HGTV has thrown at you and learn the proven strategies so you can start making real change you deserve and finally have the home you've been dreaming of.

If you're Constantly Asking Yourself:

  • Will I ever have a home that looks like it belongs to a grown up?

  • Why do I work so hard on my home only to have it not look like I wanted?

  • Why did I waste hours of my time on painting a room that is not really even the color I wanted?

  • Where to I even start to decorate?

  • What is my design style anyway?

  • How can I decorate and actually stay in my budget?

  • Where is the best place to put the sofa?

  • What is a focal point anyway and do I even need one?

  • Where should I hang my pictures?

  • Do these fabric patterns even work together?

...The Design Vault is perfect For you.

You already have the ideas, the style, and the drive to have a beautiful home but something is missing - big time. The worst thing of all is that you don't even know what that missing piece is.

I’ve got you covered - after you've joined the Home design vault, that "missing pieces" feeling will be a thing of the past.

“All you work was so helpful”
“The banker said it was the best drawings he had ever seen. And when the contractors came out I had already emailed them the plans so they knew what I wanted to do. ”

— Josh Watkins

Here’s what ya get…


From printable worksheets and design secrets these comprehensive resources will help you put new smart strategies in place. Need to figure out where to put your accessories? Wondering why your home doesn’t look like the ones you see on Pinterest?

There's no waiting for that content to drip out. Because let's face it, waiting for access to something that can help you decorate your home NOW is not acceptable to me. You need a lot of these trainings right now, and you will get 'em.


A LIVE monthly video call where you get your big burning questions answered by me.

Get your big, burning questions answered LIVE on a Q + A Day - got something you NEED to know? No prob - you can raise your hand on a Q+A Day and get it solved. Step right up and get your red-hot answers here.  

Think about it - you can stop asking random people who don't really have a clue and get the advice you really need! (Sorry, well-meaning but misinformed husbands, moms and best friends, we'll be doing the answering from now on.)

Group Coaching

Access to classes containing videos and pdf’s that'll show you how to stop wasting time online looking for answers and follow easy to implement steps - like that actually work.

These video trainings will cover lots of your questions like - want to know “where should I start my decorating project”. This is the place we break it down.

Seriously - you'll learn how to stop wasting time searching for answers and follow easy to implement steps - that actually works!

I have worked with Christy many many times and she has never led me in the wrong direction.”
— Betty Jo Armfield
— Holly Hardister


$18.00 Monthly

The membership provides access to Christy’s design processes in the design vault, a private FB group for feedback and guidance with your projects, and on-the-spot support from Christy.

Membership allows you to work on your home design at your own pace, with the support and guidance of a pro when you need it!