Well I can't read minds but I have been around long enough that I bet I can figure out a few things about you.

I'm Guessing 

  • You are ready to move forward with your decor. You have raised kids and are tired of the yucky kid home left behind. 
  • Your not crazy about having your home torn apart. You have spend hours upon hours looking for ideas but you procrastinate because you dread the process. 
  • You are frustrated because you have ideas but you are not sure how to put together. You have Goggled every possible picture available but you are still unsure if your ideas will work in your room. 
  • You are skeptical about wasting another penny. You have wasted money on things that haven't worked in the past so this time you can't mess up or your husband might totally strip a gear. 
  • Your a little lonely. You know you are fun and slightly offbeat and the though of working with the hoity toity buttoned up professional designer makes you sick to your stomach.  You crave a network of friends that understand you and your struggles. 

I'm so right, aren't I?

Enter the Empty Nest Home Design Group

It's time to cut through the frustration and learn the proven strategy so you can start creating the home you deserve and finally have the home you've been dreaming of.

If you are Constantly Asking Yourself

  • Where do I start
  • Why is this so confusing
  • Why do I spend so much on stuff that doesn't work
  • Why can't I figure this out on my own
  • Why am I so scared to make a desision
  • Will I ever have enough money to finish my room
  • How do I buy quality furniture
  • What is a color scheme 

...The Empty Nest Home Design Group is Perfect for you.

You already have the drive to create a beautiful home, the style, but something is missing - big time. The worst thing is you don't even know what the missing piece is.

I've got you covered - after you join the emtpy nest home design group that "missing piece" feeling will disappear and be a thing of the past. 

I have worked with Christy many many times and she has never led me in the wrong direction
— Betty Jo Armfield
All your work was so helpful. The banker said it was the best drawings he had ever seen. And when the contractors came out I had already emailed them the plans so they knew what I wanted to do.
— Josh Wadkins


“I enjoyed working with Christy on redesigning our bedroom. She made it so easy!  Highly recommended for anyone looking to make their space beautiful!”

— Holly Hardister