Does decorating your home have you feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed?

You are ready to make some changes to your home.

  • But there are lots of decisions to be made that are confusing and overwhelming

  • As you try to figure it out the panic start to build as you are not sure where to start

  • You need to get started but you’re not even sure what your design style is

  • You have lots of ideas but you are not really sure how to pull them all together.

Imagine having a beautiful home with no home shame

Doesn’t that sound great!

  • A home to your not embarrased by

  • Colors to work together seamlessly

  • Not strssing out over what to do next

  • Getting it right the first time so you quit wasting time and money

Here is the great news I am here to help you navigate all of your decorating decisions with a decorating map plan of action. I have a plan that will help you connect the dots between where you are with your thoughts, ideas, pinned images, and the beautiful results you want. Are you ready to get "unstuck" and create a beautiful room.

 Choose which way I can help you best: 

Total Room Makeover

You need to totally redecorate your room but your time is limited so you just need a plan you can put into action yourself.  You don't want to waste time trying to figure it out by yourself. We'll discuss your design delima and create a solution.

One-on-One Room Consultation

You have a room you would like to remodel. You know what you like but you need a bit of guidance to get you going on your way. Well, this is the perfect way to get you started. I will get strategic with you in a one-on-one room consultation to help you plan your room. 

Don't see the service you need listed? Contact me and we will find the solution!

I have worked with Christy many many times and she has never led me in the wrong direction.
— Betty Jo Armfield
Thanks so much for all of the “above and beyond” service that you consistently provide Trollinger Construction. Large project or small, simple or complicated, you always handle them with excellent service and professionalism. We appreciate all of your efforts.
— Trollinger Construction


  • In another that state - doesn't matter services are provided virtually

  • Not sure what your design style is - we'll define it

  • Not sure where to start - I'll show you

  • Stuck with using some of your existing furniture - I'll make it work.


I began work in 1997 decorating homes right out of college and have a large wealth of knowledge in floor covering. This knowledge was gained while working one on one with clients for a local mom and pop floor covering store. 

Through my experiences, I have helped thousands of clients. For years my clients have shared their thoughts and dreams for their homes with me and I have helped them make it become a reality.

Just by asking some questions, families sharing their personal need and through photographs I have been able to help my clients create a home they will be proud of. I have been able to transform many homes into beautiful new spaces my clients only dreamed about.

Through time and technology changes I have been able to expand my skills into the full use of my degree in interior design with online design work. Now I spend my days with my own clients doing online design.