Why vinyl should not be overlooked as a great flooring option


I get asked all the time if vinyl is even sold much anymore.

My answer is always the same. Yes, Yes, and yes. Vinyl is still a top-selling flooring option for homes. There are lots of good reasons why you should not dismiss vinyl from your flooring list. Lots of times I find that the reasons people are not interested are because they have not had good luck with what they have had in the past. But vinyl has probably been one of the biggest changes in flooring innovations so let's clear up any misconceptions.

Reason # 1 Why not to overlook vinyl is its not your mom's vinyl anymore.

New innovations in printing techniques have made it possible for vinyl flooring to take on the same look as tile. Through the use of digital photography, you can now get a look that appears to have 3-dimensional texture but is smooth to the touch.  The finishes on the floors have all become low gloss adding to the look of natural tile and stone. This low luster appearance also allows for any imperfection in subfloor or blemishes to the vinyl to become more difficult to see. This means that indentations and cuts are almost invisible. 


Reason #2 Why not to overlook vinyl backings have evolved.

Gone are the days of vinyl that curl on the seams. If you have ever had a vinyl that had seams then chances are over time you have seen that curl where they were put together. This problem came from paper backings that required being glued all over. This is a problem that has been resolved by vinyl manufacturers invention of fiberglass backings. This fiberglass allows for the flooring to lay completely flat with no chance of the seams to curl. These new floors can be installed with glue or loose laid with the option of no glue. 

Reason #3 Why not to overlook vinyl is it is easy to clean and care for.

Vinyl flooring has a top wear layer that is designed to repel dirt. That's right! Repel not attract. Cleaning is a common complaint among customers. However, the problem with cleaning is not the floor but what we are using to clean the floor with. Flooring manufacturers make products specifically to be used on their floors. It is, however, easier to just pick up what is on the grocery store shelf. The sad news is that the products that are sold there can do more damage then they can good. These grocery store products tend to leave a sticky residue on your floor. They can damage the wear layer will make it more difficult to clean your flooring later. Steam mops are also a common problem as they have grown in popularity more and more floors are damaged. These machines reach a high temperature of heat that can scorch the urethane on the floor causing damage.  If you can stick the products that are recommended by the manufacture even the most inexpensive floors will look great for many years to come. 

Don't rule out vinyl til you give it one more look and consider these misconceptions. There are great new looks and products that can give your room a totally new look for a more affordable price. If you are still needing more information before you buy your next new floor or are still unsure what floor is best for you. Check out my ebook  What do consider before you buy your next new floor? or you can read up my posts on other types of flooring on my blog