Why only contemplating will not fix your empty nest


Many of us contemplate a new start to our empty nest and hope it will happen. But, the truth is that we live in a time where we hope to just make a change and expect it just to happen. Wouldn't it be great if you could just hit the "easy" button and poof all your problems solved.

The facts are, however -  that for almost everything in life we need to react to cause a reaction. So we need to quit believing we can fix our empty nest syndrome problems by just wishing to make it happen. I believe you can overcome empty nest syndrome but you have to actually figure out a way to make real progress. Here is what I believe about design and how it can help your empty nest. 

#1 I believe my ideal client is the empty nester

For many years I have worked with the empty nest homes. This age group of clientele is more relatable to me as I too am an empty nester. My desire for wanting to help homeowners of small children and babies has diminished since my own children have grown older.

As a designer it I find when I work with a client that is more relatable then I understand their wants and needs to a fuller extent. This shared feeling allows me to complete more efficient designs to satisfy my clients in the best way possible. For example, it would be difficult for a new mom (who is a designer) to relate to the wants and needs of an empty nester. The two aren't on the same page of life and it can make it difficult to share desires. 

#2 I believe that empty nests deserve to celebrate

Every empty nest deserves to celebrate its success. We are often told by articles that we should go on a new adventure and move on as an empty nester. But for those of us who are new to the whole empty nest thing, it can be pretty intimidating. We are not really even use to going out period.

 I mean for years we have been taking care of children and totally have no clue what to do with ourselves once they are gone. So before we venture out into the world of trying to create a whole new life - I think we should start at home recreating. We should start at home by celebrating our success of raising a child successfully. Then we can move outside the doors of the home and try new things. 

#3 I believe that it should not matter where your empty nest is

Every empty nester deserves to celebrate their success and it should not matter where you live. For many years the only time you heard of someone hiring a designer was when it was the rich and famous. Well, those days are over and I am here to help you celebrate even if you don't shop on Rodeo Drive.

My design services are available throughout the entire USA via virtual services and to those who live locally around Greensboro, NC, and the surrounding area cities. This makes creating a beautiful home no longer for just the rich and famous. It now makes it available to us all to enjoy no matter your location.

If you have an empty nest and are ready to celebrate your new found freedom then today is the day to begin your celebration.

Treat yourself by creating the home of your dreams. Take the first step and react to the empty nest syndrome by beginning to make a change. Begin right where you left off -  in your home. No matter if you are ready to downsize, or just remodel your existing home I have design services to help guide you on your journey to a dream home - go here to check out the services. 

If you are not quite ready to start a project yet but would like some help getting prepared to remodel a room then join the empty nest celebration. The empty nest celebration is a 6-day course where I help you kickstart your empty nest decor project for free.