Why luxury decor should be affordable?

Luxury decor.png

What luxury decor do you have in your home?

The design world is notorious for making themselves look like a luxury for only the rich and famous.  But I personally believe luxury decor should be affordable to many more.  Now I'm not talking about us all living in the high rise in Beverly Hills.

I'm talking about there're things many of us hard working people deserve to come home to after a day on the job. Not that we are trying to keep up with the Jones down the street either. But if you are a hard-working family then you deserve some luxury in your life- you earned it.

Even if the luxury comes at an affordable price. Luxury is even defined as being a state of great comfort. Here are three reasons why.

Luxury decor is all about the little things

Luxury should be affordable because luxury decor doesn't always have to come in the way of fur throws and gold toilets. Luxury is also the little things like having a comfy throw available beside your favorite chair to relax in - but it doesn't have to be real fur. Having a place to enjoy sitting and conversating with family about their day. This kind of luxury should be available to everyone. 

Luxury decor isn't about the almighty dollar

When we get ready to start a new decor project one of the most challenging obstacles for homeowners is the budget. Luckily for us the furniture stores are very aware not everyone is on the same budget. So they make an effort to provide us with different options to will help to fit the budget. There are furniture stores and brands catering to large and small budgets. It's your job to figure out where your furniture fits into your budget. The best way to stay with in budget is with prior planning. Remember luxury is not about the price it is about comfort.

Luxury decor is about quality

We often think of luxury decor as what the quality is of a material or even who actually make the piece. But there are lots of furniture pieces available that can last for years without a heafty price tag on them. Not to mention you might not want to pour all of your savings into your furniture if there are kids or pets in the house. You might even opt to buy cheaper and then replace all at a sooner date. Such as when the kids decide to move out. 

Lastly, luxury decor should be affordable because I want everyones home to look as good as it feels. If you are in the market for a home to makes you feel luxiousyou might want to splurge for some items but there is more to a well-designed room. If you are ready to redesign a room in your home and are looking for help I have services available. Go here to view my services and how I can help or schedule a 20 min consultation to see how i might could help you with your home.