What your favorite coffee can tell you about your decor style

Identify your decor style while at the coffee shop.


There is nothing better than a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Most of us can't wait to get that first cup.

When you walk into a coffee shop and see a large menu you might have a hard time trying to figure out what type of coffee fits you best. There is a wide variety to choose from so it helps to know some of the different types.  

But the kind you choose may tell you more than you think. Take a closer look at these popular types of coffee and see what you can discover about your own decor before you transform your home.

Espresso - Industrial Decor Style


Espresso is a very fine ground dark roast coffee. Espresso is usually served in small cups as the flavor is so rich and can be a bit bitter to some. Giving you an organically rich coffee experience. This type of coffee is similar to the Industrial style that has similar characteristics of being an organic, bold, rustic mature look.  This style can be created by adding heavy metals with darker richer colors. Strong wood is used in combination of this metal to complete the sturdy look.

Americano - Traditional Decor Style 


Americano coffee is very similar to an espresso but with a fraction of the strength. It is made by filtering water into espresso giving you a milder more watered down espresso.  If you are a simple person that is not ready for a lot of change then you are a traditional decor style. Traditional style is calm, orderly, and predictable. Furnishing in this style are typically classic and without surprise. 

Latte - Modern Decor Style

Latte is basically an espresso with milk added to it. The milk is usually steamed and poured over the espresso. There is no foam consistency to it.  This is not a fancy coffee but the milk gives the taste of a creamy espresso and diminishes the typical bitter taste of espresso. This type of coffee drinker is a Modern decor style with a balance between organic materials. Modern style people like gentle contour lines and appreciate simple but functional furnishings. 


Mocha - Eclectic Decor Style 

Mocha is typically made with a shot of chocolate but this coffee can be made in several variations. Some of the differences in variations are created by adding a few shots of chocolate syrup or by adding hot chocolate. Some coffee shops may add in cinnamon or cocoa powder sprinkled on top of whip cream or even add marshmallows. More variations can be created by adding caramel, foamed milk, and vanilla.  Decorating in the eclectic style with its mixing of the rule book, you have a bit of freedom to mix up the way you do with the Mocha. Eclectic decor style is a mixing of elements but not, however, a free for all. It is a careful balance of mixing new and old, luxurious and humble, or showy and quite. Simply put it is a curated style by strategically creating a balance. The perfect combination can be a bit tricky.


Cappuccino - Glam Decor Style 

A true cappuccino is a combination of equal parts espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. This luxurious drink, if made properly, can double as a dessert with its complex flavors and richness. Totally luxurious, the classic glam home is draped in metallics, plush textiles, and glistening crystal chandeliers to set the stage for its truly fabulous resident. 


Before you get ready for your next remodel you might want to go to the coffee shop first and examine your own decor style. This might help you to discover what your decor style and create a look that fits your personality. 

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