What to do when you have a house envy problem

You know it, I know it, we all learned it as children - we should always be grateful for what we already have. 

But sometimes this is easier said than done. 

Especially when we have a house envy problem.

I am sure you know the feeling. It's the emotion you get when you see a house that seems to just be perfect. You know - the one that seems to have really big rooms that flow from one right into another. The colors and patterns are just perfect. Everything in the house looks like it belongs. And you're really not sure how in the world the family manages to keep every thing so nice and neat. Like, really - do they even actually live there? Because every time you have seen the house it's spotless. 

Man, if only yours could look like that. 

ways to create the home you really want

ways to create the home you really want

You know you shouldn't covet what other people have but it's really hard not to want MORE when you see how others live. I mean, if you could have a house like that, you would come running home from work every day. 

Well, there are ways to create the home you really want. Let's go over some steps that can help you get rid of the envy and turn your house into a home you love again. 

House Envy Fix #1 Figure Out Your Need

This first step is to get all family members involved. Interview each family member and see what each member of your family needs from the rooms. Don't assume you know what everyone wishes for or needs. A spouse or child may have needs that are not being fulfilled in the existing room they've never expressed. Make a list of task areas or needs. This process will ensure you get the most needs fulfilled out of your room.

House Envy Fix #2 Research Your Desired Look

Do some research into what kind of looks you tend to like or find desirable. If you have a Pinterest account, try creating a secret board and pin looks that stand out to you for your room. If you don't have a Pinterest account, you can do it the old fashioned way by cutting out pictures from a magazine and creating a collage on poster board - this is still very effective. Focus on one room at a time. Don't get overwhelmed by trying to look at multiple rooms at the home at a time. Try not to want to copy what you see exactly as no two people are the same neither should their rooms be. Let your room be customized to you. Be flexible to changes that might arise during the selection process. 

House Envy Fix #3 Accept Limitations

Realize that you might have lots of ideas but still not be sure how to pull things together. This is not an uncommon problem. (If it wasn't a problem then we would all have those picture perfect homes.) There are some things you're perfectly capable of doing in your room yourself such as making up beds, placing pillows, and putting out most accessories. However, you might need to accept your limitations and actually need to hire a professional for others such as painting, and flooring. 

House Envy Fix #4 Create a Plan 

Last but not least, create a plan for your room. Start with clearing out clutter and getting rid of items you no longer need. Decide what pieces you want to keep and what can be replaced. Figure out where the best places are for your furniture while providing adequate walk areas. After reviewing the Pinterest board you've created, begin selecting materials for your room.  Creating a shopping list to keep your items together and then begin to assemble the room you dreamed of!

Designing the perfect room doesn't have to feel like only a dream and you never have to feel  jealous again over what others have. You really can have a beautiful place to come home to that is custom designed for you and your family. I mean, it's never going to clean itself, but it will be beautiful! 

Ready to get started on your own home design project? Begin here with a Free 6 week course to jumpstart your own home decor celebration project. If you are tired of all the sticky kid furniture or dreaming of a dream home that never comes true then this is a the best place to start. 

If you managed to get an idea of what you want but still can't pull it together, never fear I am here to help. I have design packages that can help no matter if you need a whole room makeover or just help with one thing. You can go here to see which service fits you best.