What to bring back in your home even if you suck at decorating

Order+peace+rest = Joy in your home

We enjoy visiting the beach or mountain because we can drink in the beauty and peacefulness. When it comes to decorating our homes, though, we tend to neglect to see the need for beauty and tranquility in our everyday surroundings. Making your home a place that can nurture a marriage and family relationships can be a daunting task! With tight finances and clutter that just won't go away, the clashing of you and your spouse's decorating styles can inhibit the ability to move forward with decorating in your home.  Figuring out how to make your home a reflection of your lives together takes patience, planning and a good dose of compromise. 


Beauty was created by God. Think about it - if it wasn't important to Him, He wouldn't have created it. Upon understanding that God is a God of beauty, order and detail, I realized there's nothing wrong with enhancing our homes with order, peace, rest, and beauty. The natural reaction of humans is to be drawn to this beauty - you want to create a home that draws people in. Now, I am not talking about spotless perfection, but rather a feeling of peace, order, and love. We want to create an environment that our spouse is glad to come home to, a home that is beautiful with order. It's not about the stuff in the home - it's about using the stuff to make a place where people and relationships grow.

Bring order back in your home

Clutter is one of the biggest hot buttons in almost every home. There is no peace without order. When your home is unattractive and disorganized, the people inside it feel more stressed. No one wants to come into a place filled with chaos, confusion, and stress. This type of mess causes people to be repelled by their homes - they dread the thought of even coming home. Eventually, this stress comes out in the marriage and family because our atmosphere impacts how we feel.  

Even if it's in the little ways like finding your lost set of keys, start one room at a time and begin tidying up. Get rid of what you don't need or ever use. (Make sure that you speak with your spouse before you put their stuff in a yard sale, though!) For items that you don't want to get rid, of find storage solutions that hide the clutter out of sight. 

Bring rest back in your home

Home is where we go to rest and recharge from the world, but we tend to leave the bedroom until last to decorate. We need to move them up to the top of the priority decorating list. Without adequate rest, we become irritable and it makes it harder for us to function to the best of our ability. Our tempers become shorter and we are harder to get along with. This lack of rest can cause problems in the marriage, family, and work. 

Make sure you have a comfortable place to sleep. Try replacing pillows, and making sure that you have soft clean sheets to promote better sleep. Don't forget about the curtains - if your room gets lots of light, consider light blocking fabrics. (Maybe you'll even spice up your sexual relationship in the process!)

Bring peace back in your home

Don't spend more than what you have and risk running into budget issues. It's always good to talk to your spouse about priorities before you purchase. You should both be involved in the decision-making process - don't assume you know what the other person's needs are. Also, make sure you're thankful for what you have. There's nothing worse than making your spouse feel as if they are not providing enough for their family - nothing destroys a man more. 

Celebrate what you have and enjoy it. Don't worry about keeping up with the Joneses down the street. This only leads to envy and depression, and this is how the enemy loves to take our joy. Remember  - a big house does not necessarily mean a happy house. 

Creating a joyful environment is essential to supporting your family. A properly designed home will function properly daily and cut the chaos out. It can feel overwhelming and even a bit scary though if you don't know where to even start, but don't fret - I am here to help you. I create plans that are easy to follow so you can lose the stress and design a beautiful home. Go here to see how easy the process can be and pick the service that fits you best.