What The Big Bang Theory sitcom can teach about how to decorate

Yes, I am a Christian, and you might be surprised to learn that I watch The Big Bang Theory alot.  If you didn't know I have a nerdy family that likes a lot of sifi.

The Big Bang Theory can teach you how to decorate your own room, entertain friends, and express yourself. 

#1 How to decorate- Be open to change

How to decorate

Change is not something that many of us are comfortable with. This is often because it can be difficult to visualize what a design will look like after the change.  A preplanned design plan can help you visualize what the room will look like before you make mistakes that will cost you time and money. 

When we were first introduced to the main character Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory he was looking for a new roommate. This was a really difficult time for him because he does not like change. He finally chose a roommate Leonard Hofstadter. The apartment was bare with nothing in the living room except two folding lawn chairs. This is when Leonard bought a sofa. Sheldon was in total objection to the new sofa and all the changes that we were being brought into the apartment. 

#2 How to decorate- Embrace your space.

We are not all blessed with over-sized rooms.  Learn to be happy with what you have. This might mean that you have to scale down some of your furniture but does not mean that you can't still have a very inviting area. 

One of the best places that the friends gather in this show is in a small apartment. The main room is actually used as a dining room, living room, office and adjoining kitchen. They gather around a small coffee table where they are able to conversate and play games. But they make the best of it by adding more seating for their friends and eventually even try an additional dining table. 

#3 How to decorate - Express yourself

We all are individual and there is no other you. That is why home design should be personalized for each and every one of us. Your room should be an outward expression of yourself. You may have a favorite color that you would love to use. Maybe you have a collection that you would love to show off but are afraid that it would be weird to display it in your living room.  I say express yourself and be you. Don't forget to add our own personality to your space. 

Most of the group of friends that are in the show are a scientist. These scientists are considered nerds who love comic books and sifi shows such as Star Wars and Star Trek.  Their apartment expresses this love of all things scientific, comic book related or sifi through their decor. From the moment you look at their living room you begin to know what kind of people that you are dealing with and what they enjoy. 

If you haven't seen the show I would recommend it. There are lots of lessons that can be learned from this show. The legacy of the show is continuing to grow with the release of a spin-off show called Young Sheldon. I can't wait to see it!

If you need help with your own home decor message me and we can discuss your space, or check out my design services that can help.