What I do and why I do it?

When I began my career as a designer I never realized how many lives I would touch. I have helped thousands of client with their home projects. It may have just been a small bathroom that needed a piece of vinyl. Sometimes it has been whole house projects.  But I have come to learn that I consider myself as more of a teacher than a designer. How can that be?

design with reason.jpeg

Not a designer without reason

I am not a designer without reason (which fits my whole personality). I do not usually choose items for a space based on the basis of what I like.  This was the first thing that I was taught in design school. Like is not a design principle. I did not understand it at first but now it makes perfect sense. It does not matter what I like, design is about  who I am helping and the space that matters.  

balance your home.jpeg

When I look at a space to design it consideration is made to what the rooms purpose is. How many people will be using the space most? What are the ages of the people who occupy the space? How many fur babies to they have? What kind of feel does the space need to have?

Primary use of the space

Once I know what all the primary uses of the space are then I can begin to build the room. I always use design principles to help guide me though the development of the space. These include color, size, balance, unity, harmony, and rhythm. This is where I become the teacher.

Jackson Pollock Painting

Jackson Pollock Painting

Understand the design

In order for you to understand the design you need an explanation. If not, you will might feel like you are looking at a Jackson Pollock painting (his paintings always seem random with no rhyme or reason). I can give an explanation as to why I have placed furniture where I have. I can give reason as to why your accessories are laid out where they are and how color is used in the space.

I have helped many struggling homeowners who know what they like but are not sure how to make it work for them. This is where I love my job. I enjoy helping you take your ideas and creating a beautiful space with them. Then showing you why this design works for you and your space. Many clients have clients have come to me and I have eased their burdens. This is why I do what I do!