What does a perfectly designed home look like?

Perfectly designed home.jpeg

Do have an idea of what a perfectly designed home looks like? Is it the famous actors home that you love? Does it have to cost millions of dollars? Are the furniture pieces all high quality? Is it because they hired a popular interior designer to decorate the home perfectly.

The reality is most of us don’t live in million dollar homes, and most of us don’t have the funding to buy the most expensive furniture or hire the most popular interior designer. But is that what really makes a house a beautifully designed home?

I say these homes do look beautiful on the inside. But many times we find the people who live in these homes still have chaos in their lives. How could you live in such a beautiful home and still have chaos?

Perfectly designed home will not show the chaos

Our home's reflect who we are, it's an outward look at who we are on the inside. As well a home is a reflection of our chaos. Look around your home what do you see? What does your home say about you? We can see how our daily life shows up in our home.

The items you use to decorate (or not decorate) with tells others who you are. Our home display things we or our family enjoy. They even show when we are feeling good or not feeling well. What would a visitor interrupt from your home if this was their first visit there? Let's look at some ways to determine what story of our lives we are showing others.

Step 1# Examine your home and what your room says about you and your perfectly designed home

Take some time and examine your home and what your home says about you. Once you examine your surroundings you will begin to see what story your home tells about your life. You may find lots of items that express a love of a favorite sport or hobby. It may show how much you just love your family and how we enjoy spending all our free time with them.

It might even demonstrate your love of a higher power. Do you have items in your room to help motivate and inspire you? Are you rooms bright and cheerful or are they dark and dirty? Do your rooms make you feel happy or depress you? Are you happy with the way your home makes you feel? Does it reflect the person you want to be?

Step #2 Examine how your perfectly designed home makes you feel

Rooms can affect how we feel. Examine how you feel when you enter your room. If your room is dark, dirty and dreary chances are it will make you feel tired, sluggish, and depressed. Then imagine you walked into a bright, cheerful, clean, room your mood will change to be cheerful as well. If we place items in our home to bring us joy our moods improve.

Once you understand the powerful way your surroundings reflect in your life we can begin to create rooms that aren't only beautiful but provide function and will create motivation to make it happen.

Our homes are a place we are free to express ourselves. You may find you are completely satisfied with your home. However, this is not true for most of us. Some of us will find our home is always in a complete state of chaos. The reason happens again is an outward reflection of ourselves. In order for your home to be in order, you must get your own life in order first.

Step#3 Seek a solution to your chaos in your perfectly designed home

 To fix our mess we must seek a solution to your chaos. Where better to go for advice on how to get your life in order than the one that created your life to begin with. Go to Gods word the bible. God who created the world also created our lives with a plan. I firmly believe in order for our lives to get in order we must follow God’s plan and not our own plan for our lives.

When we follow gods plan for our lives we begin to feel more complete and our lives begin to have more purpose, we will be calmer and contain less chaos. Your lifestyle begins to have more order and therefore you will begin to see this reflected in your home and reflected in your perfectly designed home.

 Finally, go to god to find your perfectly designed home

Go to Gods word the bible and he will give you the answers to how to conduct your family. How a marriage is supposed to work? What role a husband, wife, and children have in the home. How to even manage your income.

The more you read and understand the more the better your relationship with God will be. As you spend more time with him you begin to build a relationship with him, you will understand that he has a purpose for your life. Matter of fact I believe that we all have a purpose and it is the same to win souls to Christ. We just all have different gifts or talents God has given us to accomplish winning soles with.

Start evaluating your space today and building a relationship with God by reading his word daily and praying. He will begin to calm the chaos in your life and then you can create a beautiful home. If you need help sorting out the chaos in your room then I have services to help you along the way. Go here to see how my services can help you.