Unleashing the fear of the decorating budget


The decorating budget is the one topic many of us would just like to avoid. Which is exactly why we need to talk about it! This reluctance to talk about the budget comes from the fact 3 out of 4 of us find talking about money causes us stress. However, we need to talk about it in order to unleash the fear of the decorating budget and move forward

No, of course, we all don’t fit into the same financial bracket. But that doesn't mean we don't all want a beautiful home we are proud of.

All of us want to stay within our budget no matter what that decorating budget is and have a happy home.

But because of our past buying habits, we could feel like we just don't have it all together or we don't have what it takes to create a beautiful space. This is when our projects can fall short because we aren't sure how to make everything fit into the budget - so we just give up.

For a lot of us, our tastes exceed our budgets. Can I get an amen! This happens to most all of us! We can always find something prettier or that would look better. But not to fear!

The furniture and decor industry know we are this way. They do make lots of look-alike items for every budget to satisfy this problem. This might mean you will have to be flexible when you are out shopping and try to stay open-minded.  However, you will usually find a similar product to fit your need. We just need to know what best ways are to handle the budget and to make it work for us. Let first look at the three main groups most of us fit into when it comes to money. 

  • Those with abundance - this group has plenty of money to decorate their home however they might still not be happy with their home. Their home might not show their success with their jobs - their homes are out of alignment with their success. You have achieved job success but you might dread coming home. 

  • Those with just enough - this group of people is where most of us fit in. We have good jobs and we work hard to make a living but we still tend to live paycheck to paycheck. There is some money left over and we have tried to make our homes look and feel better but or efforts tend to fall short. We buy and buy but things but they just don't seem to come together. We spend in an effort to make our homes better.

  • Those with underabundance - this group of people have uncertain financial security. We have jobs and work hard and want nice homes but our unstable income is holding us back. We try to hold onto all of the things we have and are afraid to let go of anything as we are afraid we will not be able to replace items. We tend to be bogged down by all the clutter we hold on to. 

In all of these scenarios, you may be surprised you may still not happy with your home. You may even ask yourself if I have plenty then shouldn't I be happy - not necessarily. 

To learn to work within what we have we need to examine smart shopping and careful planning. We have to learn to make the best of what we have. But before we can get down to what we need. Let's go one step deeper! 

Ask yourself these questions

  • Why do I need to decorate? 

  • What needs will be meet if I decorate

  • What outcome do I hope to achieve

  • Who will it help or affect

  • How will I know I have been successful

Not sure you need to decorate and spend your decorating budget or just save for later?

Here are some signs you do need to redecorate:

  • You're prone to misplacing or losing things

  • Everyone who comes to your home is stressed

  • You and your family just seem tired and are not resting well

  • Money doesn't flow and your bills are piling up

  • It's hard to concentrate and difficult to get tasks done

  • Communication with your family is difficult

Once we know the answers to these questions we will better equipped to know exactly what we need and what we can live without. You will make the best use of your money and can prioritize how you spend. This will help you get your families needs meet because what is the point in decorating a pretty room if it doesn't help your life to be more fulfilled and make you happy. 

Next, consider what has been holding you back besides the decorating budget.

Why have you been reluctant to spend your decorating budget on your home? 

  • Is it that we have spent money in the past that just did not turn out well.

  • did you do any prior planning

  • did you measure before you bought

  • did you draw your room out to see how things would look

  • are you afraid to bargain shop due to quality

  • are you afraid to commit to a purchase because you are afraid you will find something better. 

Decorating in the past has been considered to be a luxury and only for those who live in abundance but not anymore. Times have changed. American’s are now left with thousands of things to chose from. It's true we can live in a home painted in basic white with the basics of furniture. It would never be wise to spend money on decor and avoid your basic needs such as rent, food, and clothes. However, many of us find great benefits to our lives, health and stress level by decorating. Decorating your physical environment which affects our minds our ability to rest, our peace of mind, will even affect our physical health and your success with everyday life. 

As our minds are at peace at home so is our stress level which will affect our health. 

It's important to change our mindset when it comes to the decorating budget. We should consider our homes a tool for our success, well being and health. We need to know it goes deeper than a pretty room. And if we know exactly what we are trying to achieve by decorating we are a lot more likely to be successful. 

Setting up our decorating budget the same way as we do our other expenses for success.

We must budget for it. Try setting an aside a budget each month in a decor budget. This can help ease the blow of trying to come up with hundreds all at one to decorate. A great way to try to determine how much you need to for your room project is to shop online and look for pricing options. Remember you don't have to set a fixed amount in the beginning but you need to set a range. 

If you need help creating a plan for your room I have design services that are here to help walk you through the process. Go here to see how I can help you create a happy home.