Top 5 ways to get organized for the holidays

Well, this is my first post of the season. No better way to get started than by going over some ways to get organized for the holidays. Is this the most wonderful or most stressful time of the year for you? It should be blissful as we finally get time to with family, friends and in worship. But many of us will find it stressful with all the planning and things to get ready before the family comes. Let’s go over some ways to get organized and cut out some of the stress.

Creating a to do list


Be prepared for the holidays in advance by creating a to-do list. We all carry cell phones around with us now and there are various apps that can be used to create to-do lists. If you are not tech savvy, then try a simple notebook and pen. I am somewhat techy but I actually do better with a notebook and pen. Go figure. Try to make notes of important dates for office and family celebrations.  Set goals for yourself so that you will be prepared for these dates when they come. Making a list will take the stress out of remembering to remember.



Collect ideas

Collect ideas before you begin to decorate. If you are like me, you are always looking for new ways to decorate. I love to try new things each year. Try to gather your ideas together before you decorate. Create a board on Pinterest and save your favorite ideas that you want to try to create there. If you are still in need of some decorating advice, make sure you grab my free eBook  How to Decorate for Fall without breaking the bank.  Once you get your décor in place take photos of your creations. This will take the guesswork out of what you did for the next year.

Take stock of what you have

During this time many of us expect to entertain more in our homes. Before you go out and purchase new items take stock of what you already have. I know I always tend to buy what I already have when I don’t take a quick inventory first. This causes me to spend money that I would have rather spent on other things.

Do some decluttering


Before the decorating begins do some decluttering. Go through your belongings and choose some items that you can donate. Clearing out items allows for a more blank slate to decorate and more places to place new décor. If you don’t want to part with some items, consider storing them for just the season. Consider donating.

After the holiday

Recruit some family and have an undecorating party after the holiday. Taking time to put décor away in an organized way will prevent damage to your decorations. Try shopping after Christmas sales for storage options that might go on sale. Try getting creative to save money on storage options. Start saving egg cartons now to store ornaments in.  Don’t forget the forgotten décor items. You know the things you find that you meant to put in a storage tub and really don’t want to have to drag them back out for. Create a place inside that you can store the forgotten items.

Enjoy your holidays by cutting chaos and stress. These are just a few ways that you can have a more blissful holiday. If you have some ideas that will help others cut stress, be sure and share them. Looking for more help with design ideas and tips? Sign up for the VIP List and you will receive them right to your inbox. 


Christy King