Throw these away - here's the best wall colors for the empty nest

It's not an easy task to pick the best wall colors for your home. Add to that the emotions of being an empty nester and you have the recipe for pure anguish trying to pick the perfect paint color. You try to look at samples in different lights, with other items such as fabrics, and then compare them to 25 other colors you just taped all over the wall.

This cycle goes on until you are so confused you can't make a decision. Then you head further down the road of despair and frustration. 

I believe - just like some elements of design are timeless (I don't care what anyone else says) so is having a good paint color that is always in style. By choosing these timeless paint colors you will curb the frustration.  HOWEVER BE AWARE - not all colors are created equal. Look at these paint colors they are played out and need to die in a big design dumpster. Then let's talk about your timeless options that will never go out of style.

Rosy Outlook

Rosy Outlook

Wall colors to send to the design dumpster



Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook moved out of the nursery and threw up all over the house. This color with its trending blush tone reminds me of the medicine my mom use to give me as a child for an upset stomach you know the one - Pepto Bismol - that's right! People took off with this color in 2016 as a color similar to Pantone's color of the year. For this one -  the only one that coats is not the only one you need.

Now don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with pink - when it is used with variations. However, most frequently when you typically see pink it tends to be on everything in the room. This leads to a room that heightens your mood quickly but then drops your mood even more quickly leaving the user with a feeling of exhaustion. Not to mention it's plain boring as there's no variation in color for the room.

Now on to Rosy Outlook's B.F.F Sherwin Williams Stardew. Chances are you've seen it with Rosy Outlook with its blue balancing out the warm pink. This color brings lots of calm and serenity to it creating a spa-like mood. Even with Stardew playing such a supporting role in its muted blue it also needs to die in the design dumpster. As we all can only stand to be but so mellow. Unless you are headed to the beach with your new nest then you might want to keep it around for a coastal feel. 

These pastel colors are calmer than the bright colors of the 90's and are a kickback to the late 80's. You might remember these colors showing up in tv show fashions such as in the popular show Miami Vice. The problem with these colors is that they're trendy and aren't a classic that will stick around. You know what they say though - what goes around comes around and paint colors are no exception.


Best wall colors to create a classic look that's timeless

If you would rather get off the roller coaster ride of trendy colors - choose a timeless paint color that will not go out of style with the changing of the year. Classic paint colors work in the home for many years with an ability to be flexible. Meaning if you decide to change up the color palette in your home you will not have to repaint walls. This also makes it a great choice if you are an empty nester whose considering selling your home in the future. But don't worry I have already done the homework for you and I am going to share my favorite timeless go-to best wall colors.

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 best wall colors- and never have to repaint your home again!

 Are you still unsure of what other colors to put with your classic paint color?  Don't worry we all can feel uneasy when it comes to decorating and picking colors. Besides, there is no need to worry - you have a designer in your corner. Let's discuss what you're trying to achieve with your room and get detailed on how to make it happen over a design sesh. Go here to see more details about the one on one design consultation.