The Truth About Your Decor Style At Home


Everyone has style at home but not everyone's style is the same.

Yet many of us are still cruising Pinterest lost trying to find a photo we can copy and paste into our homes.

But If you are out looking for the perfect picture to fit your decor style then you will never find it. 

Yes, you may find a photo containing things you think are pretty, and even a few ideas of things you might want to try to incorporate in your room. 

But there is no way to just google or look on Pinterest and find the perfect decor photo for your home.

If it as this easy we would all have copy pasted decor photo homes. However, taking this route will leave you looking like the models inside of the Sears catalog - smiles with no personality. 

There are lots of different ways to try to discover your decor style but what practically no one addresses is it, not a one size fits all kinda matter.

It's more about discovering yourself and infusing you in your home. 

Today, you're going to hear the truth about your style at home, if you follow, will put you ahead of the pack.  

No home is without it

Every home has its own style.

Not just in the look from the curb of the home itself but from the people who actually live inside of the house.

Yes, You! You are your own style. This is where you are going to have to look in the mirror and recognize you do have a personality. 

This personality you contain is your design personality and no home containing people is without it- so every home.

This unique personality is what makes you and your home unique and also why you will find it pictured on Pinterest. 

To each their own

There are no two people on the planet just alike. Even identical twins may look alike but they're not the same. 

What they like and dislike can be totally different. This change is due to things in life we experience. 

Such as one twin may love dogs, but their twin sibling may be scared of dogs because they were bitten as a child. 

Now I am pretty sure the twin who got bitten will not be displaying photos of dogs in her home. 

Things we experience in our lives shape who we are and our personalities no matter how much we might look alike. 

This is why we all have different decor personalities and style at home.

Embracing who you are and what you have experienced and sharing this throughout your home is what makes your house uniquely you. 

you could be blended

There are several different types of decor personality styles.

Many of us due to our personality and how the world has shaped up might not fall into just one category but be a blended style.

These blended styles usually still have characteristics to work very well together. 

This blending of styles makes each of unique and why we each have our own look for our homes.  Maybe you like a blend of traditional style and contemporary.

This makes you a transitional style but to spice things up a bit you really like things that contain a little bit of shine. So your blended style would be transitional with a little glam blended in. 

Choose to stand out

When decorating a home remember you're creating a place to provide happiness for you and your family. 

Allow your style at home to stand out and express your decor personality. Show off the things that matter most to your family.

Display photos of your kid's ball games, trophies, hobbies, your favorite sport, and even hobbies.

Even if you think - what you like might not be what others like then you should still express who you are and what matters to you.

News flash - it doesn't have to make everyone else happy. It's your home and it should show what matters most to you!

Allow your life to be an outside expression into your style at home. 

The visitors to your home are already interested in you and will enjoy getting to know you better through the things you display in your home.

So show off your favorite colors, display your goofy family photos, and live your life through an expression of your home to nourishes your soul. 

Your friends and visitors will be impressed your home is exploding with style and character. Stay away from the copy and paste a room mentality that will leave your home with no personality.

Create a home you love to represent your family. If you need help uncovering your style and knowing exactly how to express yours I am available for room consultations to discover your style at home. Go here to see how I can help.