The real struggle - where to get quality area rugs

Where to get area rugs

Where to find the right area rugs without sacrificing quality can be a struggle.

Kaleen quality wool rug

Kaleen quality wool rug

I've been working with a client recently that came to me with an area rug problem. She had looked and looked and still, the struggle was real - no rug at her house!

The problem she had is one that I see frequently. Lots of people have no clue where to start looking for a rug or what to look for when they do find some options. If you're suffering from an area rug problem, look no further! Here are some of my favorite area rug vendors I've had great success with through the years. 

Kaleen area rugs

Kaleen makes high-quality rugs with a luxurious feel AND they're actually still affordable. I like to be very practical when it comes to area rugs. I mean, you do want your rug for the floor and not the wall, right?  

Kaleen rugs are wool - making them the most eco-friendly option.  The wool fiber is a great insulator with excellent cleaning properties. Styles and colors are kept up to date with new patterns coming out frequently. But beware - wool rugs to shed and lose fibers over time. On a positive note, they're really easy to clean spills out of!

Ridici area rug

Ridici area rug

Radici area rugs

Karastan area rug

Karastan area rug

Radici is an Italian rug producer that makes lots of rugs in heat-set olefin. Olefin is a cheaper fiber to produce but still wears well, cleans easily, and is a lot more affordable for those of us who like to change things up a bit frequently. 

They offer a large variety of colors and patterns ranging from the contemporary shags to the more oriental traditional looks. They still offer lots of royal jewel tones for those of us that still enjoy rich colored area rugs, too.

Tayse area rugs

You will not find any old traditional patterns here! Tayse specializes in low- to medium-end machine-made area rugs. These rugs stay more affordable without sacrificing style because they're made of polypropylene. They offer bright stylish colors with the most up-to-date patterns. These are perfect for those of us that need to spice up a room by adding a color!

Karastan area rugs

Custom made area rug for custom sized table

Custom made area rug for custom sized table

Karastan rugs are by far my favorite as I own 3 of their rugs myself!  Karastan was born in a North Carolina mill during the 1920’s. Marshall Field & Co. created an exciting and innovative product – machine-made oriental design rugs of high quality at realistic prices. Karastan proved their quality by introducing their products in a novel way from the beginning - by allowing visitors not only to view but to walk on their rugs to prove their durability at The World Fair.  

Karastan offers a wide variety of rugs to choose from in many different styles, including transitional, casual, contemporary/modern, and trellis floral patterns. Their rugs come in wool, nylon, polyester and - my favorite - smart strand fiber.  

If you're still having a struggle finding the rug of your dreams, check with your local flooring stores. Lots of carpet stores offer a service where area rugs can be made from any regular carpet (and you can even add a border) to any size that you need. 

There are some areas that just need a custom size - such as this rug for my clients 12' custom made table. There's more information about how to pick the right carpet for your home here

Need some help trying to pick the best rug for your home? I have a design service to help with that- go here to see how this service can help you!