The pop of color combination I am totally crushing on right now.

There is a pop of color that I am seeing everywhere right now and I am totally crushing on it.

If you want to be on trend for 2017 you might want to check out the use of teal.

This color is being used in a couple of color combinations. Some of my favorite combinations are teal/ gold and teal/orange.

They are both sparking lots of interest with me right now and in the trendy design world. I can't wait for my clients to get on board with this color.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should jump on board with this color. 

spa like colors

#1 reason to check out this pop of color it can help heal your mind

Teal is a color that can help to clear you to mind giving you a spa like feeling. This color can influence the ability to make decisions and bring about clear thinking. This is brought about by the calming effect that the color has. Who couldn't use more of that in their life?

teal and peach decor

#2 reason to check out this pop of color it can make an area feel quite royal

Teal and peach together are being used frequently to dress up weddings. This is a versatile pastel color combination. The contrast of colors provides a eye popping combination and is easily pared with other colors. If you want to add a bit of drama to the color scheme, try darkening the colors.  Just check out these lovely ladies from Love my dress.

#3 reason to check out this pop of color it is versatile for baby's rooms

teal and peach babys room

Afraid to go ahead and paint the baby's room a gendered specific color. This is a great alternative for a nursery as the teal and peach are non-offensive and can welcome in a baby boy or girl. Who wants a room for their little boy that is painted purple because you were expecting a girl. 

#4 reason to check out this pop of color it is great for all seasons of decor

teal and orange decor colors

Tired of changing out all of the decor for the season change. This is the ultimate color combination will compliment you home in fall or spring. This color combination can make a big bold statement for fall. For an added touch in fall add a touch of red or an even warmer feeling. Such as these colors from Home Gallery Store.

Don't fight the trend any longer. Balance your world with the calming feeling of teal and peach. This is a color combination you can not go wrong with. Want to create your own room using a pop of color with the use of teal and orange but need a bit of help? Check out my design services and lets come up with a plan for your room. Start you plan here.