Dining Room

Cracking the Dining Room Code

Dining rooms become the main attraction at Thanksgiving. This room of our home is thought to be used primarily for entertaining and hosting. This gives you a great opportunity to express your style while bringing comfort to your guests. The area doesn’t have to be formal to be a great dining area but there are basics that are needed. The basics for your dining room should include lighting, table, chairs and sometimes storage. 

The table will be the centerpiece of the dining room. This furniture selection should reflect your style. Ensure that you are selecting a table for your area that fits well and serves the functional needs of the room. An expandable table that has a leaf that can be added for additional seating is great for when extra guests show up for dinner. However, make sure that you plan in advance for the extra space needed for this adjustment. Take care in choosing a finish for your table, consider the amount of maintenance the material will require and the amount you're willing to give your table.

Try choosing a table that is not trendy. Some tables can be more ornate and cause issues later when you choose to change around your style and colors.  Round tables are great for smaller spaces and allow for great conversations but do not allow for lots of expansion.

Chairs are the most important part of the dining experience so choose carefully. Chairs need to be comfortable for sitting through extended meals and entertainment. Who would want to stay long after dinner when the chair is hard or uncomfortable.

Chairs do not have to match the table. Matter of fact they are quite boring when they do. Most tables are chairs are sold separately so try mixing up your chairs. Try to find chairs from a different furniture company but blend the table and chairs by finding a coordinating element that draws them together.

Not all of us are comfortable however with mixing and matching furnishings. If you are not comfortable or struggle to find another set that compliments the table, try changing out just the chairs at the head of the table. Opt for an upholstered chair or try a slipcover to give you existing chair a new look. Slip covers can give this look as well as  be cleaned easily.

Who doesn’t need extra storage in the dining room? I know that I always need extra space as I have limited cabinet space. Choose a credenza or china cabinet for your space to add extra storage. If you don’t want to splurge for a new cabinet, try repurposing an old dresser and add extra storage above it with shelving. If you don’t need the extra storage above dress up the area above the credenza with a large vignette. Try not to overcrowd your room and make sure that you have room to slide your chairs out from the table.

Sufficient lighting is always important in the dining area. We all want to see what we are eating right? If your main lighting source does not put off enough light for your space. Consider adding additional lighting with lamps to the credenza. This can also create a great way to flank a piece of art over a credenza in a vignette.

Once you have all your pieces in place it will be time to accessorize. Let this be the time to really let your style show. Let your table set the stage for seasonal décor. Dress up your table with the colors of the season. Enjoy your area for entertainment and express your style.