Bathroom remodel

Perfect order to choose items for your kitchen or bath remodel

What steps should I take to remodel a kitchen or bath? When I first began to work with homeowners I saw no real value in any certain order to choose items for the kitchen and bath. I really did believe that it really did not matter what area you started picking out items. Boy was I wrong! Yes, I admit it, I was wrong. There is an order to kitchen and bath design that will ease the process of decisions. So many times I meet with homeowners and they are so uneasy about the very expensive decisions that they are making. They are so afraid that if they make a wrong decision that they will be stuck with what they choose and be unhappy with it for a very very long time. Once I discovered that there really is a way that is best to design a kitchen my job became a lot easier and I was able to ease my customers process.  Here I will go over my highly recommended steps to avoid making mistakes. I will assume here that you already have a floor plan worked out for your area.