The Secret To Hanging Photos In All The Right Places

Photos and artwork are a great way to add interest and express ourselves in our homes. But making sure we are hanging photos correctly can be stressful. Let's go over some ways to take the stress out of where to hang our photos and art. 

Tip #1 Placement of hanging photos

People have a tendency to hang their photos to high on the wall. The center of the photo needs to be hung at eye level. Keep in mind however that most of us are not 6 foot tall. In areas that have lots of sitting such as a living room, your photos should be slightly lower. My general rule of thumb is no more than 12" above the back of a sofa or chair. This rule works about everywhere photos are mounted above furniture. 


Tip #2 Scale of hanging photos

Now that you know where to hang you need to know what size or scale of the photo to hang. It's a common problem to see photos not hung in scale. If you hang photos that are too large or to small it will make the whole arrangement look strange. You want your photo to cover at least 2/3 of the area it is grounded to. Such as if you have a sofa that is 9' long you should cover an expanse above it with a 6' photo above it. This can be done with one large photo or with multiple photos hung in a grouping. 


Tip # 3 Visually balance hanging photos

When you're hanging multiple photos in a grouping you want to make sure the area has visual weight balanced. A good way to create this visual balance in a grouping is by hanging larger photos at the bottom of the group. If you have an even arrangement start with your largest photo in the middle and fill in around it with smaller photos. 


Tip #4 Perfect arrangement of hanging photos

Want to save your walls from trauma and you some frustration from hanging and rehanging photos? Use some kraft paper and trace the size of your photos to create templates. Use painters tape that will not damage the walls to try different positions on the wall before you hang. Make sure you label each tracing and place an arrow on it so to indicate which direction the subject is looking. 

If you are grouping photos together I would recommend sticking to one theme or color theme. Add interest to your gallery collection by adding elements that are more than just framed photos. Don't be concerned when hanging items around the room that the bottoms are level. Level the middle. Make sure you spread out your arrangement to give each piece a bit of breathing room. Place your prominent piece at eye level work outward. 



Tip # 5 Hanging photos on a fireplace

Above a mantel or fireplace is a great place to add photos. This area will usually become the focal point of the room so don't be afraid to play it up. Start from the center with larger photos and work out from the center. Create a triangle effect as you create layers. Step down in size with pieces as you approach the outside of the mantel. Layer your smallest items below your larger art and fill in any gaps. If you're not wanting to drill or nail into your fireplace then prop or lean your art. This will give you a more casual feel. 


Tip #6 Hanging photos in the kitchen

Make sure where you hang photos will not get damaged by water, grease, or heat. Consider hanging photos above a desk nook, in a breakfast area, or at open counters. Don't feel like your art has to spell out the kitchen. Instead of opting for pictures of asparagus try vintage art. Use picture frames with stands to fill in blank counter spaces. 


Tip #7 The big picture of hanging photos

Artwork and photos collaborate with other accessories to create a visual story. Make sure your photo image works well with your other accessories. Try hanging a photo on your bookcase.

Make sure your photo matches your design style. Remember symmetrical arrangements are more formal. Asymmetrical will appear more modern and casual. For a more cottage style stick with vintage images or botanicals. Modern or minimalist homes are going to require larger photos are more abstract. 



Your unique combination of photos will show everyone who enters about you and your family. By following through with these tips you can rest assured that your photos will captivate the audience instantly. Where you hang your photos can either make or break the final look of your room. Follow these secrets to hanging photos right everytime.