Romantic room ideas that are sure to set your room on fire


Ready to rekindle the bedroom with some romantic room ideas? Many of us, get distracted by raising kids for years and we neglect to nurture the relationship with our spouse.  It is not until the kids are older we realize -  oh he is still sitting in the chair.

You now have time to focus on rekindling the relationship with your husband- with no excuses. Just remember he's kinda got used to sitting there not talking or paying attention - while you were off taking care of the kids.

Give him time and build the relationship again. There is no better way to spice things up than by creating a romantic bedroom you can enjoy together.  Let's look at some ways you can begin to create a romantic bedroom.

Step #1 Romantic room ideas - set the mood

Color is the quickest way to kick the senses into gear and set the mood. Colors have the ability to alter our mood and red brings about the desire of passion.

We link red to passion and excitement because it is the color our bodies exhibit on our skin when we are sexually interested - often known as blushing.

This is why when we think of a romantic bedroom we often first think of reds. But let's not forget there are also other colors that can add drama such as black, grey, and navy. If you need help with color check out my course on How to create your own color schemes for your home. 

Step #2 Romantic room ideas - opt for comfort

To bring about romance you must be comfortable. Switch out the bed for one that will bring the most comfort. First picking a headboard to show off your style Then try out only the most comfortable mattresses for your bed - NO SKIMPING HERE.

Remember - you are creating a good place to rest and share with a loved - which is priceless. Add comfy pillows to your bed to assure a good nights sleep - but hold the throw pillows down to a minimum. To many pillows can actually make it difficult to sleep or even get in the bed. Keep the number of pillows down to 5 or 6 at most.

Don't forget the floor - if you don't already have carpet add a rug to the floor for warmth.

Step #3 Romantic room ideas - splurge for luxury

There should be no holding back for luxury when it comes to the bedroom. Splurge for luxury on sheets and comforters. Luxury sheets are well worth the extra money as they sleep wonderfully. Most are silky smooth feeling, creating a better night rest with a cool touch.

Look for sheets with a high thread count. The thread count will range from 200- 800 and sometimes 1000. The higher the number the higher the thread count and the better quality the sheet will be. Add in layers of blankets and comforters as needed. The layers will add depth to the bed creating a styled appearance that is inviting. 

Step #4 Romantic room ideas - use lighting for your advantage

Avoid overhead lighting instead opt for lamps that will create intimacy. Lamps create more diffused light and are more inviting than harsh direct lighting from an overhead light.  To increase the drama in the room try on lamp shades that are darker. The darker effect will create an even more romantic room.

If an overhead light is the only option then try installing a dimmer so you can control the amount of the desired lighting for the room. If you really want to mix it up try using colored lighting. Chromatherapy can be used to balance emotions and mental energy.

Don't forget candles - the small warmth of light can fire up any bedroom. And finally, a must have is dark window treatments blocking the outside light. 

Step # 5 Romantic room ideas - get personal

Most all couples share things that mean something to them. It could be something from a first date or maybe from a place they met. My husband and I have a photo in our bedroom taken of the ocean sunrise on our honeymoon. This photo wouldn't mean much to others but it means the world to us.

If you don't have a special place or thing, then try to create little hints of love -such as a display of hearts or roses. Try to use accessories that literally spell out love. Remove anything that will create distractions from this personal space such as the tv, laptop, and yes even the cell phone. 

Don't let the years waste away without rekindling the flame with your spouse. Men love romance and a great way to restart the emotions with them is in the bedroom. Build your relationship with your husband by creating a romantic bedroom that you can share. 

If you have some ideas for your room but are just not sure how the room needs to be laid out then try my one on one design consultation. Through virtual services, you and I can get specific as to what you have in mind for your room and how to pull your ideas together. The result will be a bedroom ready for romance and a rekindled relationship with your spouse.