Ready to celebrate your empty nest -do this now


The kids are growing older, moving on to college and off with their careers, their own relationships, and even their own homes.

These changes bring about lots of emotions to the parents left behind - emotions like loneliness and even loss from the busy life you used to have.

Today, I want you to take a different look at things. Let's look at this time of your life with a celebratory attitude.

This is the time that you should celebrate and be proud your accomplishment of raising a child into an adult. Raising kids is not an easy task and it's one that lasts almost a quarter of a century. After all that time and effort...

You deserve to celebrate your empty nest + new found freedom. 

Give yourself a pat on the back

 Think about how far your child has come and all they have learned. One of the best ways to do this is to take a look back at all of their achievements.

Take out all of the certificates, awards, report cards, school pictures, or any memorabilia that can attest to your child's milestones. Remember - you had a big part in making every one of those happen! 

Recognize your accomplishment

Acknowledge that you taught your child well. Your independent child is now a functioning member of society. Don't forget that your ultimate goal was to raise your children to be independent and free of your care. After all of the diapers, homework sessions, piano lessons, and ball games, we tend to forget that our goal was to raise kids that can flourish in the world around them. 

Accept the new feelings

Celebrating does not mean that you try to hide the feelings you are having. It is normal to have feelings of sadness, worry, or even loss. It's important that you don't allow these feelings to let you become withdrawn. Even if you are not sad, you may feel guilty for your lack of sadness! You need to know you've done your best raising your child, and now you deserve to be rewarded - I mean, they did NOT come with instructions - can I get an amen!. Use this time to give back to yourself as a reward for a job well done.

Dig up forgotten things.

Revive the days before you had children. Maybe you enjoyed long walks, reading, or even dinners with your spouse. Tap into the things that you enjoyed such as your hobbies or a romantic date night with the hubby. Years of raising kids can even have an effect on the intimate relationships and cause parents to become distant with one another. With the kids gone, it's time to rekindle the intimate relationship. 

Focus on work.

With the kids gone, you can focus on your work. This is a great time to further your career or develop a special talent. I know I've waited years to venture out more on my own with my design work. I didn't want my work to take me away from my kids. However, the older they've gotten, the less they need me for every little task. This space has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills, and ability to finally launch my own company. 

Live on the edge.

Get out and celebrate with an adventure. Schedule a trip to a place you've never been. Now that you don't have to worry about the kids' school schedule, you can plan a trip for any time you want to go. If you're not one that likes to travel, plan a party at home. Plan a dinner party with friends that thirst to flee their empty nest as well. If planning a party at home makes you nervous, then read this.  If you are really feeling like living on the edge, plan a ride on a hot air balloon or try zip lining. 

Plan for a change

After the kids have been out of the empty nest for a while, you can begin to consider things that could be changed.  Maybe your home is way too big now and is costing you lots of money that you could be saving in a smaller home. A new jacuzzi could even help with new arthritis that you have developed. Do you really need to continue to drive a minivan? Maybe you need a new sports car instead!

Celebrate your empty nest while you can

Be realistic and know that you should celebrate while you can. With the way economic situations have changed and the scarcity of jobs, young adults are returning back home more frequently than in years past. This is more likely to happen during the early years, so don't be surprised if you're called in for support. This means it is wise to celebrate your new freedom while you can - do it now!

Prepare for the future

Lots of children go on to become parents - YES, you're likely to become a grandparent. When this happens, your home becomes busy again. Grandparents are the ideal caregivers for grandchildren so consider if you will be willing to assume the role when it comes. But don't feel obligated - you have done your time.

When you begin to look back at all the reasons you have to celebrate, you'll begin to see that you truly DO deserve it.

Your kids really do want you to be happy and move on with your life as well. By moving on and going on without them in your life, you help them to live a stress-free life. They will appreciate that they don't have to worry as much about you. 
Fill the void of not having kids at home with other things that fulfill your soul. This doesn't mean you're not there for your kids. They will always need to come to you for advice and support. It's just that you now have an empty nest and need to learn to embrace your new found freedom.

If you have stuck with me all the way to here, then you're ready for the next big step in the celebration. What better place to begin the new freedom but right where you began your family - at home.

Let the celebration begin today by treating yourself by jumpstarting a home decor project.  What better way to kick of a new start than by getting rid of the sticky kid stuff in your home and moving on to a home makeover of your dreams. Here is where you can start your Celebration with a Free 6 day Course To Jumpstart Your Home Decor. 

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