Permission granted-To not stress over decorating for fall

Decorating for fall WITHOUT the stress.

As a mom, there's always an endless list of things to do. We all feel the constant pressure of trying to be the best mom we can be. The last thing we need is one more person telling us there's one more thing to add to our to-do list. Well, today is your lucky day, momma. Today the permission fairy is here to grant you permission to NOT spend all of your time and money stressing over fall decor for your home. 

There are plenty of ways to decorate for the season without the stress and without breaking the bank. I'm going to show you how to succeed with your decor for the season.

Decorating for fall without the stress

Decorating for fall without the stress

#1 How not to stress over decorating - It's OK to go simple 

I mean let's not take the fun out of decorating. When decorating becomes a chore than it loses its purpose. This should be a time that you can express yourself. It's like the jewelry on our home - there to accentuate and for expression. There are days when we want to put out all our jewels for a display of beauty, but then there are days that we really just want to keep it simple. It's the same way with decorating. If there's a holiday that you are just not feeling, sometimes it helps to put out a few pieces, but don't feel like you have to go all out.  If you choose not to deck the house all out, it will be ok. No one will think less of you for not setting out pumpkins - we both know you left them out way too long last year anyway (Surely I'm not the only one). Not going extravagant or even skipping a holiday will not define you. 

#2 How not to stress over decorating - Narrow down the project

Decorating becomes overwhelming when the project is too large with too many areas to cover. It's totally fine if you just want to decorate one area. Try to pick an area that you can actually enjoy. Maybe you go with the front porch so you can enjoy seeing on your way up the driveway every day. This area should inspire you daily to enjoy the season. However, if you never even go around the front of your house, then don't choose that area! Decor should satisfy the homeowner, not just the folks down the street. You are a lot more likely to complete a project or to finish what you have started if you begin on a smaller scale. You can always build on the project next year. 

#3 How not to stress over decorating - Always begin with a blank slate

Clear off the area that you will be working on, removing all items that are currently there. Collect all the things you will be using to decorate with nearby. It's no fun to decorate when you have to run all over the house looking for items to pull together. Try to set aside time to gather items before the time to try to assemble them together in a vignette.

#4 How not to stress over decorating - Start with an anchor

Your anchor for your space should be the largest piece in your vignette. This will become your focal point such as an area over the mantel. This should be the tallest object in your design layout. Typically, this will be items like this such as a TV, picture or a mirror. But for fall it could be a wreath, pumpkin, or a large potted mum for the porch.

#5 How not to stress over decorating - Add filler decor.

Add filler items of varying heights. The varying of the height of the items will keep you from creating a horizontal line. These items need to be centered on the focal point. When you are choosing these items you want to make sure that they are smaller than the items in the balancing layer. 

#6 How not to stress over decorating - Maintain a triangle.

If you follow the steps above, you should create a triangle effect. This gives your eye a smooth transition to the focal point that you created. This is the best way to create a focal point and create interest. The placement of items around an anchor piece draws the eye up and into the area creating interest and dominance. 

Following these easy steps should help express yourself without the stress over decorating for the season.

This will not only inspire you but anybody else that happens to drive by. Try to be original and create interesting looks. Don't be afraid to use something different from the rest of the neighborhood. Chances are people will be happy to see something new and may want to try it themselves next year. If you find yourself too busy to find time to decorate this season then I would encourage you to just enjoy what others have decorated with. Besides, that's why they decorate - to inspire and express their feelings. So be inspired and soak it all in!

Fall this the best time of year to make the budget work for decorating. To read my great money saving tips for fall decorating, sign up here and receive my ebook how to decorate for fall without breaking the budget.  I'll give you the steps to creating a vignette with a diagram as well as share 8 of my money saving tricks to decorating for fall.