Perfect order to choose items for your kitchen or bath remodel

What steps should I take to remodel a kitchen or bath? When I first began to work with homeowners I saw no real value in any certain order to choose items for the kitchen and bath. I really did believe that it really did not matter what area you started picking out items. Boy was I wrong! Yes, I admit it, I was wrong. There is an order to kitchen and bath design that will ease the process of decisions. So many times I meet with homeowners and they are so uneasy about the very expensive decisions that they are making. They are so afraid that if they make a wrong decision that they will be stuck with what they choose and be unhappy with it for a very very long time. Once I discovered that there really is a way that is best to design a kitchen my job became a lot easier and I was able to ease my customers process.  Here I will go over my highly recommended steps to avoid making mistakes. I will assume here that you already have a floor plan worked out for your area.

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The first step you should take to remodel a kitchen or bath is choosing the cabinets first.

Cabinets are the most important part of a kitchen or bath. The job of the cabinet is big. It provides not only storage but adds color and sets the style of the area. Choose the color, style and storage options with a cabinet designer and let them help you figure out your best storage options. Cabinets usually make up the biggest expense in a kitchen and you will be much pickier about your options for them.

The second step you should take to remodel a kitchen or bath is choosing the counter top. All cabinets must have counter tops so they must be chosen after you have picked the cabinets. This step comes nicely after the cabinets as you now know what the color of the cabinet will be. I always recommend a contrast with the cabinet color. It really doesn’t matter if that contrast is lighter or darker as long as it is not the same value as the cabinet. Make sure that you explore all the different types of countertops that are available. There are now many options such as granite, quarts, concrete, marble, and laminate. Keep in mind that natural stone products such as granite and marble will require more maintenance with sealing.  

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The third step you should take to remodel a kitchen or bath is choosing the flooring.

There will be many different types of flooring options and price points that will be available for your kitchen. Weigh your pros and cons for each floor option. Choose a floor that will give you the most durability and will fit your budget, and maintenance preference. There will be many color options in every type of flooring. You will now be ready and prepared to make this choice as you will already have your cabinet and countertop chosen. Make sure the pattern of your countertop works well with your floor.

The fourth step you should take to remodel a kitchen or bath is choosing tile for the wall.

In a kitchen, a backsplash may be desired. In bathrooms, shower wall tile may need to be chosen. In either case, you can now coordinate your cabinet, countertops, flooring to make decisions for your wall tile. Make sure that you vary your pattern sizes to add interest. I have found it to be difficult to mix two different tile patterns for walls and floors unless they are a hardwood and tile block pattern. So I usually like to keep the floor and wall tile the same and add decorative pieces or change the pattern up to add my interest.

metal backsplash.jpeg

The fifth step you should take to remodel a kitchen or bath is choosing your paint color.

Leaving this step almost to the end will allow you to use the paint color to pull everything together. You will find that you have created a great flow by following this order. You should have a variety of colors and patterns that you have pulled together. This will allow you to pull in whatever color needs to make your area really flow smoothly. Sometimes you will find you need a light color and sometimes it will be medium or dark. You can now use your paint to fill in any area that you are missing a color.

The sixth and final step you should take to remodel a kitchen or bath is choosing your accessories.

Choosing accessories can really make your space come alive. Coordinate your finishes on light fixtures, appliances, and drawer pulls. This is where you are allowed to express yourself even more with your art. Maybe you are a big coffee drinker like my husband. Baking may be something that you like to do in your free time. If you are working in a bathroom you may like vintage accessories. Try to adding pops of color in these items. The smaller items are the brighter they can be. If not, they can wash into the background and not be seen.

Try these steps the next time you consider your next remodel. You will find with a plan of action that your project will not be as stressful and will just flow into place. Try not to get to locked in a particular item that you have found inspiration in a magazine. Unfortunately, those items rarely fit into the budget or are not available any longer. It can be very difficult for some of you not to second guess your decisions. But I can tell you that most decisions that are over analyzed usually are the ones that end up in disaster. 

If you still are not sure how to coordinate the patterns and colors together I have design packages that can help with just paint. But if you need someone to help you just to pick out items for you the heavenly room package may be more for you. Check out my design packages and chose the one that is best for you. If you are not sure which fits you best message me and we will figure it out together. 



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