Online interior design and why it pissed of lots of designers?


Online interior design is an easy, affordable way to design a beautiful home.

Online interior design is done though the advance of new technology. Through online interaction designers are now able to provide their services via the internet.  Many clients enjoy this type of service as they have become more hands on with their own decorating projects. This involvement is due to the popularity of shows and websites such as HGTV and Pinterest. I get super excited about what online interior design is providing for hardworking families. I believe that if you work hard, you deserve a beautiful home to come home to.  Make sure you take advantage of the benefits of online interior design in your own home.

Take advantage of online interior design with flat fees.

Design packages are now sold by designers at a flat rate fee. This takes the guesswork out of knowing what price you will be paying for services and makes the charges more transparent. This is where lots of designers become pissed off at the virtual design world. The large fees that added up with hiring a designer in the past who charged an hourly rate can now be cut down to an affordable rate. That upset many designers who only wanted to do traditional design and did not want their clients to learn that the same service is offered cheaper through online interior designers. Today online interior design is a revolution that places the ability to hire a designer at the hands of everyone. Providing an affordable and easy way to get interior design help.

Take advantage of online interior design easy customization

Design plans can be customized through online interior design in the same way that they are with traditional design. Many designers that were opposed to online interior design though that this would be where traditional design would win out.  That there would be a lack of customization, but that is not the case. Plans are still customized to fit the client's needs and desires or their space. This is now done with the client's help by providing measurements of their space and taking their own photos. Clients fill out a questionnaire giving the designer detailed information on how they use their room.  Details will be shared with the designer of the client's style, likes, and dislikes.  Clients can choose what pieces of furniture that they want to keep and what to replace. Then the designer will customize a plan for the space using the information that the client provides. 

Take advantage of online interior design professional assessment.  

Working with a professional online interior designer will assure that the right selections have been made for your room. You and your home deserve a beautifully decorated home as much as the rich and famous does. A professional eye will coordinate all of your furnishings, colors, and patterns together. Your wall will have all the right size pictures and you will know exactly where they need to be placed in the room. Not to mention the wow factor that your friends will get when they enter your newly decorated room.

Take advantage of online interior design saving time. 

Online interior design will provide you with streamlined results for your room. Your interactions with the designer will be quicker through social contact. Shopping lists can be provided showing exactly what you need to purchase to decorate your room. You can go out and purchase all your items right away or wait and watch as they go on sale. This saves time with trying to find the perfect items through trial and error. Your room can be completed on your timeline and schedule.

If you have a room to redesign that you have been putting off this might be the answer to your prayers. Check out the design packages that I offer on my website here. If you are not quite ready to get started with your room but would like to run a few ideas that you are having for your room by me then feel free to contact me so we can discuss your options.