My life as an interior designer people will either love or hate


As a child, I spent many of my days playing by myself and my Barbie's. See I was an only child and got pretty used to entertaining myself.  One of my favorite things to do though was to play with my barbies and their dream house. No, my parents were not rich - as those houses were pretty expensive even back in those days but don't forget I was the only child. 

I remember wondering what it would be like to live in a house of that size and have all of the great things you would expect in a Barbie mansion. I even found myself envious of friends who lived in big two story homes. See my family was a typical middle class who lived in a one story ranch style house and we had all we needed. But oh how I dreamed of living in a large house with all of the amenities. 

Once I got into high school I was able to take one of those work release classes. You know the one where you can take a special class and leave early from school to go to work. Well, I said sign me up for that one! I was not a huge fan of school but loved to work so it was the perfect fit. What I didn't realize was how the class would influence my future. See the class I took was an interior design class. Which I LOVED! 

This class gave me the opportunity to build on this love as the job I left to go to was in a local Montgomery Wards. I worked in the drapery and linen department and occasionally housewares. This was a great experience where I got my first real taste of the design world. I was taught how to order custom order draperies and blinds and actually enjoyed it. 

During the summer of graduation

I still really wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my future but my father had assured me I only had until the end of summer to figure it out. 
So I decided to do the only thing I really enjoyed doing and study more on interior design in college.  I remember finding so much joy from being creative and coming up with my own home designs. I spent hours upon hours pulling all the best fabrics together for my projects. I also remember the heart-sinking feeling of the professor telling me to try again. Lessons learned.

My dream was to move from student designer to a Real Interior Designer

It was shortly after this time that I had my son. I was so excited to have a son and I stayed home with him for about three months. Then I started looking for work. REAL WORK. I knew I still needed to bring home the bacon to help support my family and I was looking for a job in the worst possible month of January. Which for the record is the slowest month in the housing industry - didn't know that then. Surprised I found a job at all. 

Moving on to greener pastures I went to work as an Interior Designer

I went to work for a small mom and pop floor covering store about 30 mins away from home. I really didn't mind the drive as long as I could earn a bit of money. Here I was taught about all of the different types of flooring and how to actually sell. Little did I know my workload would just keep growing in the position. But during my time on the job I learned how to measure, figure, order and invoice all types of flooring. All while we were in the height of the housing industry of the '90s. 

Where I got my street cred as an interior designer

The flooring store had tons of new construction building going on with sometimes as many as three to four homeowners a day coming in needing to select items for their new and remodeled homes. This process could sometimes take hours and even days.  I was able to master selecting items for homes including paint, countertops, cabinets, wallpaper, tile, hardwood, carpet and more. I was loving my job and doing exactly what I went to school for. This is where I began to be able to grow on what I learned and was able to perfect my ability to work with patterns and colors. But my favorite part was helping homeowners navigate through all of the tough decisions to be made. 

That's when the AH Ha moment happened. 

I had told myself for years that I would open my own design company one day - you know when the kids got older and no longer needed me. But boy I wasn't expecting it to happen quite so fast. I started my business in 2015 and I was out of excuses for not starting to do my own thing. Of course, didn't have a clue what I was doing - I really didn't know anything about how to start or run a business. 

I was ready to have clients knocking on my virtual doorstep And they didn't. I learned quickly there was a lot more to running an online interior design business than I thought. I began to dig in deep and took more courses and soaked up all the knowledge possible to get things running. 

It was in the midst of trying to soak up all the knowledge and learn from other designers  I had an epiphany. I will never be like other designers or fit into the snobby interior design world. Yes, I was not void of the knowledge designers could be snobby. But I really didn't realize at this stage of my life I really had NO desire to try to fit the mold. Fancy clothes and hobnobbing at parties are not my thing. And just because I prefer my comfortable jeans and t-shirts doesn't make me any less knowledgeable about design.

I decided to be my own kind of interior designer

I'm now inspired to work as an interior designer with moms like myself. Moms who need help navigating through all of the decorating decisions without the snobby designer attitude. I am focused on creating as much value as possible for my clients a possible. A path where I feel fulfilled by the help I am able to provide to others. It gives me great joy to see the relief on momma's faces when they know what direction their decor is going in and that decisions have been made. This is when I knew I was where I was supposed to be. 

If you are ready to start your decor project and need help without the snobby design attitude I am here in a judgment-free zone waiting to help. You can go here to see the services I have and how they can help you with your decorating project.