Kitchen trends that are here to stay in 2017

Kitchen trends come and go but there are some that will be here to stay in 2017.

There is no doubt that when you go to redesign your kitchen you will want to take notice of the current kitchen design trends. In the past, we have seen the colors of cabinets and appliances change. However, when some styles are great they tend to stick around for a while. They become a classic for the time period. There are eight kitchen trends that are sure to stay around into 2017. 



Quartz is a kitchen trend that is here to stay. Quartz countertops are manufactured stones so they provide you with a wider selection of colors and patterns than natural stones. Quartz is durable and non-porous than granite and is less likely to stain. They require less sealing and scrubbing than with granite.

Open Layouts

Open Layouts are a kitchen trend that is here to stay. This layout is more desirable as they are more casual. By opening a plan from the kitchen to the living room you open the opportunity to gain much-needed space. This will allow for a more social time as well as allow you to keep a watch over children. Natural lighting will also flow better from other areas of the home.

Integrated appliances

Integrated appliances will be a kitchen trend that is here to stay. When you use integrated appliances, they are hard to identify from the other cabinets. This integration will give your kitchen a highly aesthetic look as the appliances will appear to be furniture. This is especially important with open floor plan concepts as you can look straight into the kitchen from the living space. The biggest disadvantage, of course, is the price.

White cabinets

White cabinets will be a kitchen trend that is here to stay. You are correct if you are thinking but they show every speck of dirt. But you are more likely to clean your cabinets frequently as you will see the dirt and spills more. White cabinets give the kitchen a lighter brighter feeling which can make you feel more positive. White cabinets are not limited to one style they go with everything so no matter what your style you will find a white cabinet that will fit your style.

Deep drawers

Deep drawers are a kitchen trend that is around to stay. Deep drawers make cabinet storage easy. This especially becomes important near the range for easy pot and pan storage. With new options for drawer storage inserts, drawers are now more desirable. Dishes, utensils and even spice racks now fit easily inside a deep drawer.

Clean line kitchen trends

Clean lines are a kitchen trend that is here to stay. As the age of homeowners changes so does the desire for clean straight more contemporary lines have changed. Cabinets that have fewer frills with no heavy moldings providing new younger homeowners a new fashionable look. As smaller homes, have become popular so are the no frill lines of cabinets.

Big practical sinks

Big practical sinks will be a kitchen trend that is here to stay. Larger sinks are more functional as they accommodate large pots and pans. Most homes now have dishwashers and the sink usually is more used for cooking or holding dishes and pots waiting to get loaded in the dishwasher. Big sinks put the emphasis on function.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a kitchen trend that is here to stay. Vinyl flooring provides easy maintenance in the often most highly used area of the home. The look of vinyl has improved throughout the years with the invention of digital photography and made the flooring very realistic. As kitchens are now becoming open concept with living room space the flooring usually carries over into other rooms. Vinyl offers these large areas a cheaper option of flooring without sacrificing durability and style.

Choosing to ignore kitchen trends can cause you to make mistakes if you ever decide to move or sell your home. Keeping up with the latest kitchen trends will assure you that your home is at the height of style as well as being desirable by others. 

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