Are you letting your Joanna Gaines dream home get you down?


Many of us know the popular name Joanna Gaines and the dream home tv show of hers on HGTV. She and her husband Chip have risen to fame through HGTV on their show Fixer Upper and are popular for their home makeovers. But I have to admit that I'm not a fan. I know totally shocking - Right!  But let me explain why I'm not a fan and why I think she may even be derailing your dream home project. 

Reason #1 your dream home isn't a soap opera

Shows such as Fixer Upper set unrealistic expectations. First, let's just be honest in the fact that most husband and wife teams would be ready to divorce each other after working side by side trying to make major decisions about a home. I see it frequently where husband and wives have a difference in opinions and struggle to find a compromise on small decisions like a color. 

This would be even more magnified when taking out walls. This show is set up in such a way as it's portrayed almost as more of a soap opera than a true reality show of what happens on a true job site remodel. Let be honest do we really think they are happy go lucky all the time with each other?

Reason # 2 your dream home bank account 

TV shows such as Fixer Upper have lots of big money backing their programs. There are sponsors brought in to trade out materials for advertising. Therefore these types of shows give homeowners an unrealistic look at what you can do with an endless bank account. I don't know of any company that would not put their best looking items on display in exchange for HGTV fame.

This sets up the stage for disappointment, as many of us find the thing we have seen on the show to be ridiuculously expensive. Which by the way would be ok for a few items but when the whole kitchen is designed this way you can see where the cost adds up higher than most would like to spend. And let's just be honest most of us don't have endless accounts. We have set amounts or allowances we need to make work for our projects. Not that we don't want beautiful things but we need to set our budgets in advance to know how much the project will cost. Then we need to work within this budget so there are no hidden surprises. 

Reason #3 your dream home speaks to you

Most of the homes I see created on the show are basic. What I mean is they're very bland and lack individuality, character, and color. Have you ever noticed most of the homes created are with very neutral colors in beige, grey, and white? When you are working with very neutral colors then your sure not to offend others. But this blandness and lack of personality make for a less than desirable home. To create a home as individual as you are then you need to spice things up with a bit of color. Explore colors that speak to you and create color schemes to speak to your personality and your style. 

If you are ready to remodel and want to avoid your dream home becoming derailed but aren't sure where to start?  Then I'm here to help you to create a beautiful home without the soap opera. I can help you create the budget and stick to it all while creating a home to show off your style. Ready to book a consult go here to connect with me