How to indulge your senses with your decor


Great design is not all about sight. You want to indulge your senses with your decor so your home will look good and feel great for a long period of time.  In order to do that you need to work with all five senses and not just sight. Remember that your home is mostly about sight but these other senses will keep you happy with the room a lot longer than your first impression. 

Indulge your senses with sound

Sight aside we also want a room to sound good. We need to consider the acoustics of the room. The acoustics of a room is usually affected by the rooms size and amount of space you have.

The larger rooms tend to make sound reverberate more and cause a hollow sound. In order to improve the sound, you need to consider adding carpet and drapes. If you are building a new house and are unsure if you have a room that might have a hollow or acoustics problem you can talk to your builder or architect to get their insight.

And don't forget the surround sound. It is always a great idea to add surround sound to your room versus having to run cables and wires to speakers all around a room. The simplicity of the newer systems are clean and neat looking and don't distract from other decor items in the room. 

Indulge your senses with touch

Our next sense to consider is touch. Add different textures to your room will add interest. But you want to make sure that the choices you are making will last for a long time. You don't want to become disappointed by fabrics that begin to feel a bit thread bear after owning it for six months.

Opt for fabrics that are more durable such as leather and nylons. Microfibers and polyesters are easy to clean but will not hold their look as long. Add a floor that will be durable and will last a long time may require your family to go with a hard surface floor such as hardwood or vinyl planking. Try adding a soft area rug to soften the surface and provide you with a softer texture for daily living.  

Indulge your senses with smell

The smell can be so overrated or even ignored but is essential to a rooms comfort level especially if you are sensitive to allergies. Look for things that contain low VOC. These can be found in things such as carpet, paint and even furniture. There are options that are available that are lower in levels but if you are set on the piece that might smell a bit try sitting it in a garage to acclimate for a while before bringing it directly into the home.

Opt for items that are washable and easy to clean. If you buy a sofa and you have kids or pets you will not be happy after a few months if it smells like your Bassett Hound. Look for the level of cleanability that fits your lifestyle. There great ways to add a bit of fresh smell to your home with flowers, candles, and even incense. There are options that are now available that are not what I like to think of as hippy sticks. Explore your options and try out a few options for incense and find what fits you and your home best. 

Indulge your senses with taste

Lastly, design for taste. No there is no way to taste your room. However, you can sit back and relax enjoying your space with a glass of Moscato when you are done. This is how you can savor all of your five senses in room design. Invite your friends over and indulge your extrasensory space. If you want my help with creating your room design then you can click here and we can get to work on creating your space.