How your decor choices affect your home's happiness


When you get ready to decorate you know you are going to have to make some choices. But did you know the things you choose impacts if your home is happy? These choices are decisions for the kind of life you want to live and how your home will support your life. Let's look at how these choices impact if our home is happy. 

Use your home as a tool for happiness

First, let's think of your home as a tool. A tool you will use daily to help you get through life. Home is the key to better sleep, better health, better relationships and all around life better. This doesn't mean just for you but for all members who live with you. 

In order for your home to do its jobs then you must set it up in a way in which it will function properly to help you. This means you must venture into each room and discover what its job is and how it can help you. 

What do you need from the room? What is it providing and what about the room is preventing you from moving forward or keeping you stagnant. 

Our environment is contagious 

Less stess comes with a happy home

Less stess comes with a happy home

They say attitude is contagious but so is our home's happiness environment. The rooms you live in will change how you feel, your mood and even your ability to concentrate. We have seen this proven throughout the years with color. The color of a room can affect our mood. Colors such as yellow are bright and cheerful and elevate our mood, blues create a feeling of calm and rest and reds excite us. 

How the room looks also affects how you feel. Messy rooms can make you feel stressed, aggravated, frustrated and even out of control.  Clean rooms tend to provide you with an easy restful, calm feeling. 

Decide why you want to decorate

Consider why you need to decorate

Consider why you need to decorate

Before you create a new look for your room you need to first set your mindset. This means digging a bit deeper into why you really want to even decorate. 

Why spend the money, time and effort? What difference or outcome do we hope to achieve? Think about how you will know if you were successful with your decorating?  

Yes, the obvious answer is you want a pretty home. But when you dig deeper you are likely to find more important reasons. 

The reason is that it's more than a glossy photo of a pretty room! The real reason to decorate is to release the stress in your life and creating a healthy environment in your home. To create happiness!

First, ask yourself why?

  • Why have you decided to make a change in your home? 

  • Why spend the time, money and energy decorating or remodeling? 

  • What outcome do you seek?

Maybe the answer seems obvious, but let me challenge you to dig little deeper. Ask yourself: 

  • Who are you making changes for?

  • What do you hope will happen by making these changes?

  • Why spend the money?

  • What outcome must be realized for all of the expense, stress, and time to have been worth it?

  • How will you know you've succeeded? 

Here are a few examples:

  • You're tired of being ashamed for people to see your home - you really want people to value and respect you more

  • Your home feels cluttered - you need to be better organized so you stop wasting time looking for misplaced items

  • Your colors are all outdated - you need a fresh new look to get you more motivated

  • Your fabric patterns don't work well together - you desire a calm peaceful space to relax and a hodgepodge of patterns fills you with anxiety

  • There are still crayon marks on the walls left from the kids - you are ready to move on to your new life without kids and desire to start fresh

  • Something needs to be done about the fingernail polish on the furniture - its time for new furniture you are not embarrassed by

  • You have sacrificed for years and haven't done much for yourself 

Don't derail your decor project

Be prepared for your marathon of life

Be prepared for your marathon of life

When you don't examine into your real reasons or your why for decorating you can end up with a pretty room that still doesn't fulfill the needs. 

This tends to show up with room projects that never get finished due to the loss of motivation. The truth is your home can directly improve your well-being and contentment. It can help you decrease your stress and increase your happiness. 

It's not a matter of copying design trends! It’s a matter of figuring out what you need from your home, and then identifying how to make it work for you. 

Not a "new kitchen" but a "more healthy home-cooked meals for your family". Not a "prettier living room" but a "space where I can spend more time with my family and friends". If you can identify your desires then you can access what you need to change and then be able to make those goals turn into a reality. 

It's just like setting a goal to run a marathon. To run a 26.2 mile marathon you will have to wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. It would be silly to think you could succeed if you hit the road wearing shores that didn't fit, right? 

The same thinking applies to your home. If you want to run the marathon of life to the best of your ability but you spend your days in a home environment that is the wrong fit, how can you expect to perform at your peak?

You would not just buy a random pair of shoes for the marathon, first, you would set the goal to run a marathon, and then you'd buy the right shoes for the job. 

So before you start to decorate or remodel you must connect to your why, examine what is working and what is not working so great. 

And to make matters worse, without a clear and achievable target, we don't have any way of knowing when we are done. Following the latest trend just isn't enough!

In past history, only the rich and famous had stylish and luxurious homes, but now the modern American family can choose from thousands of items to personalize their home. But with all that access we feel compelled to buy All The Things and then we expect ourselves to display it with perfection and style. 

However, with access to All The Things, we've become paralyzed by choice, burdened by a feeling of inadequacy in not having a home pretty enough home, and we've lost a lot of our ability to edit, to distinguish wants from needs, and to let things go. 

If you don't examine these important questions before you jump into your next remodeling or decorating project, you may:

  • End up with a beautifully remodeled kitchen that fails to function for your family

  • Start out strong but eventually lose motivation and remain stuck in a cluttered dysfunctional home

  • Create a picture perfect home but realize nothing has really changed in your life. 

Without examining your why and digging deeper into your true need you might get lucky and get your decor project right. But if you don't really know what problems you are solving, what you need, or even what you are aiming at you have a slim chance of fulfilling your true needs. It's hard to hit a target if you don't know what you are aiming at. You'll have spent lots of money and endured a lot of stress but in the end, failed to succeed. 

Here's the thing: you shouldn't spend money to remodel or redecorate unless you understand the meaning and intention behind it. That would be like packing for a vacation without knowing your destination. You'd either pack too much or too little, and either way likely not have what you need when you got there. 

We want to use your home to increase your happiness and decrease your stress level. No this doesn't mean you have to have a picture-perfect ready home. But it does need to be a pretty home that functions well to serve you.

If you need help sorting through your why then I can help with a decorating consultation. You can go here to see how we can work together to fulfill your why and create a home full of happiness!