How to use grey and beige in your home together.

The day of builder beige is over - as it's been used about everywhere you can imagine in homes for years. The new trend is to infuse your home with grey. Grey is the new beige. This sounds great for most of us but for those of us who just remodeled before the new grey trend - it can leave us wondering what now. Should you fork out more money to redecorate again? Should you just live with the beige in hopes this grey trend will die? How the heck are you going to use grey when your whole home is full of beige.

Well, I am here to tell you it doesn't have to go one way or the other. You really can have grey and beige both in your home and use them together. This has been the biggest misconception I've seen happen with the new grey trend. It would seem homeowners are ecstatic they now have a new neutral color to use. However, I see people struggling with how to actually use the grey. I usually see the grey being used only with other tints and shades of grey. WHICH IS BORING. This happens usually when people aren't really sure how to make it work with what they already have.  Here's how you can use grey and beige in your home together. 

Tip #1 Use grey and beige together with an accent color

Grey and beige with accent color orange

Grey is a cool color and beige is a warm color on the color wheel so they create a great balance. Since both grey and beige are neutral colors try adding an accent color that will really stand out. The bright color will add more interest to the color scheme and will be a welcome sight to a rather neutral palette.  Area rugs, throws, and pillows are a great way to add an accent color with texture. 

Tip #2 Use grey and beige together with same intensity or saturation.

Grey and beige same intensity

In other words, don't use one color bolder than the other. Using colors of the same intensity will help the colors not compete for attention in the room and they will work as partners to complement the room. This will create a soothing calm feel to the room with balance. The grey and beige will transition smoothly from one to another. 

Tip #3 Use grey and beige together in accessories

If you just recently changed up your room in a beige color family use accessories in greys. This will help you to add a new trendy color without having to start all over with decorating your room. Let's face it this is the route most of us should be going so we don't have to change the whole house all at once. 

Grey and beige accessories


Tip #4 Use grey and beige in sharp contrast to one another.

By using grey and beige in sharp contrast to each other you will create a striking appearance that demands attention. This will add a dramatic feeling to any room. Try adding black to the mix to create an even more demanding feel to the space. The contrast will appear to be clean and up to date.

Grey and beige contrast

Grey and beige contrast

As you can see there are lots of ways to incorporate grey and beige together in a room. If you don't feel comfortable trying to make this happen in your own home for yourself then I have services that can help with the process go here to see my services. Lastly, don't try to change your home decor up for every changing trend.

I believe grey is going to be sticking around a while as beige has had its time in the spotlight and people are ready for a change. But I would discourage you from trying to change up for every whim of decor trend that comes along. Try to stick the ones that really speak to you and your style.