How to prepare to work with me?

You have finally decided to hire a designer to help you with your space. However, you are not done yet. There is still some work for you to do.  Going with an online designer will be a DIY experience. Therefore, it will require that you get a bit involved with your own project. The difference between traditional design and online design is that the designer is not actually coming to you home. You will be required to provide the information needed to transform you space into a room that you will enjoy for years.

Measuring your space

The best way to determine what furniture will fit your space is by measuring your space. Traffic flow also depends on a floor plan to make ensure that you can travel through your room without running into furniture.  You will be given step by step instructions on how to draw a sketch of your area and add your measurements to your diagram. You will then upload your measurements.

Floor plan .jpeg

Photograph your space

A good visual view of the space will give me a better idea of where windows and door are spaced. The room photos will allow me to visualize your space. This is a step that I would have taken myself if I came to visit your space. You are however being capable of taking picture of your space with a little guidance.

room pictures.jpeg


You will be given a questionnaire to fill out. This will help me to learn your likes, dislike, what you would like to use the space for, and what mood you want to try and achieve. Remember that is your personal space and that is what we want to do is personalize it. No design work should be done without considering the lifestyle of the occupants.

Get in the zone

I will then get in the zone and analyze your space, and questionnaire. I will use design principles to create an area that meets your needs, with your likes and personal preferences. I will provide you with a plan to put into action. Furniture and accessories ideas can be provided with a detailed shopping list. You can then take this list with you on your cell phone when you are out shopping or just by your items online. When you are out and about shopping you can then refer back to your list to determine if you find similar on sale if it might work for your space.

By having a plan for your space you can then take your plan and put it into action. You will know what your room will look like completed, know how much it will cost, and have a plan to implement. You will feel confident that your room is designed properly by a certified designer. You can search sales and look for deals while out shopping. You will not waste time or money buying items for your space that only leave your disappointed because they don’t fit the space. You will not have to return them and start shopping all over again.