How to overcome design paralysis

Many of us have had design paralysis and may not even know it.

Have you thought about redecorating a space in your home only to find the project to get abandoned and never to be completed? Maybe you even started the project and it was abandoned. If you have you are not alone!

Many of us have had to deal with design paralysis. You know design paralysis, the moment when you need to redo a space in your home and just can’t seem to come up with the ideas to get it done, or maybe you have ideas and just can’t get them to come together.

Maybe because there was no prior planning you blew the budget before you even got started. Many of us have spaces in our homes we have wanted to redesign but never saw it through to completion.

Did you know this can even happen to designers? Let’s look at why this happens and how to help solve the problem.

Get the family involved to overcome design paralysis.

Get the family involved to overcome design paralysis.

Overcome design paralysis by looking for inspiration

Another way we can overcome design paralysis is to look for inspiration. This is where designers can also be affected by design paralysis. There are rooms you just know how you want to use the space and how you want it to look.

However, there are times when you need to come up with some ideas and you just can’t get the creative juices flowing. This is when you need to reach out and start digging for decorating inspiration.

One great place to get ideas is Pinterest. There are many ideas you may find that will get your creative juice going. You may find a picture you really like and want to incorporate something similar to it in your space.

Whatever your inspiration is most times it takes making a first big decision for the other decisions to start flowing. Try to start with larger items that you cannot live without first. Such as if you are redesigning a kitchen starts with your cabinets. They are the largest purchase in the space and then build from there. Maybe going on to countertops then on to floors and paint last.


Overcome design paralysis by getting everyone involved

One way we can overcome design paralysis is to get everyone who uses the space involved in the project. Let’s admit it, ladies, we tend to just assume the men could care less about how the inside of the home looks. Sometimes this is true but not always.

I have met a lot of men who actually have a lot of opinion about how space looks. (Psst and some can actually see color quite well, better than some ladies.) Get all your family involved in the redesign of the space. Each member of the family may like to do different things in the room.

Dad’s may want a good chair and TV for watching. Women may want a nice comfy chair and good lighting for reading. Kids may want an area to do homework or a corner just to call theirs for gaming.

If each member of the family uses the space differently than if you consider everyone's need then you will achieve the best use of the space. Considerations for lighting, colors for mood creation, and function are all important and need everyone to be involved in expressing their needs or desires.

This can sometimes call for compromise. Not everyone may agree on the same things but it does give the family a chance to work together to come up with a compromise.

floor plan.jpeg

Overcome design paralysis by working with a designer

Working with a designer can help overcome design paralysis. Interior designers have the proper training to know how to pull your room together. They can create a plan you can then take and put into action.

This plan can show you exactly where the best placement is for your furniture. Colors, furniture, and accessories can be chosen with your needs and preferences considered.

This will help to eliminate costly mistakes of purchases that just don’t work. It will save time in having to hunt down what will work best for your space.

Finally, it will eliminate the need for design paralysis to set in. Your decisions will already be made for your space and the family will have agreed upon the options in advance.

Eliminating the need for postponing getting your project complete due to not agreeing on items for space. This can also save money as a designer will help direct you to the best items to splurge on and what items you can be more conservative with your spending.

So before you start your next new project consider how to overcome design paralysis before it starts.

Like the doctor says preventative care is key. Don’t let your next project end up uncompleted or abandoned. Stay in your budget, save money and time by creating a plan that works for you and your home.

We all have different needs and a plan will help you to assure you, you’ve got the most out of your space.

If you are worried about design paralysis happening you? If so I have services to help you avoid it and to create a plan of action for your home. You can schedule a free 20 min call to discuss how we can work best together or go here to see how which of my services can help you best.