How to kill the silence of an almost empty nest home?

Kill the silence

Kill the silence

You knew that the kids would eventually grow up and move on but did you expect so much silence in the almost empty nest home before they even leave?  NO one tells you what to expect in an almost empty nest home til it happens. Now don't get me wrong there are days when there is still lots of strife as they fight for their right take flight. But there are also days when you might barely even see your kids.

As they age they want more space and tend to hide away in their rooms. If they do come out of their room they are likely to want to go out with friends or maybe even go to work. But let's be honest -they usually don't want to hang out with their mom. This leaves you sitting in silence feeling incomplete. This silence can become deafening for a mom who is used to caring for her kids.  Now is the time for your home to give back. Here is how you can break through the silence in the home by using the home you built. 

Rediscover your style in your almost empty nest

Instead of sitting on the sofa in your almost empty nest home waiting for the next encounter with the kids get up an figure out who you are. You have likely spent so many years taking care of your kids that you really don't know who you are anymore. This is not uncommon for moms that have been dedicated to raising their family. A great place is to start is with your home design style. Your personality usually will help to identify your design style as your home is a reflection of yourself. Let your home style help you begin to find yourself and your style again. 

Rediscover your love life in the bedroom

Now that you are left in the house with your spouse you need to rekindle the relationship. Remember he is the one that helped you start the family to begin with.  Use your bedroom to help you rediscover your love. Use your new style that you discovered to design a romantic bedroom. It is amazing how you can create the mood with color and pattern. Even if the kids are not gone yet it is not too early to start to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Create an area to entertain 

On your road to discovering yourself prepare your home for entertaining. The kids have enjoyed having their friends over for years now it's your turn. Does this make you sick just to think about it? If so go here and read my post on How to entertain in your home without throwing up in your mouth. This is a great time to begin to host bible studies in your home. Not ready for that big of a crowd try a simple game night with friends or even just a simple dinner party with another couple. Now is the time to create a place to entertain around a dining table. Making sure you have adequate seating in the living room and creating a functional kitchen that is can house the more adult wine cooler. 

Prefer the quite in an almost empty nest home

So you really didn't really even like to hang out with friends before kids.Just want to enjoy the quite -well there is nothing wrong with that either.  Then I am betting you have a favorite hobby. Maybe you could use an reading area in your home. Like to sew wouldn't an area to embrace your craft be great. Since the kids are not completely gone try using a closet to turn it into your craft space. 

These are just a few ways that you can put some sound back into the almost empty nest house.

Yes, it will require some work from you but as a mom, we are use to it and a lot more. Use the house that you raised your kids in to rediscover yourself. Your home might just might need a little TLC from you to show its love again all while helping you rediscover your style again.  

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