How to get those fall decorating ideas flowing

Fall is quickly approaching and it's time to start looking to fall decorating ideas.


I know - you're thinking, "Wow, really? It's still warm outside!" Yes, it is. But Fall is coming quickly and so is the time to start changing our mindsets from the nice warm weather over to the cooler feeling of Fall. This can be a little challenging but switching up decor can actually help create a cozy mood in your home that will welcome the cooler temperatures. 

Maybe this sounds awful to you because you're not sure where to even start. Or maybe you're like me - really excited when it's time to switch out decor! However, you don't want to break the bank in order to do it. 

Here are the three steps that you need to focus onto make decorating for fall a bit easier.

Decide what areas of your home you can really put all these great fall decorating ideas.

Don't feel like you have to beautify every room of your home.  This does not have to include every little inch.  Pick areas that are front and center and seen most when visitors arrive. These areas are going to become the main focal points for your decor changes. 

Maybe you've got a strong wall of windows, a fireplace, an entertainment center area, or architectural feature such as a brick wall - these great features to emphasize. You only want to create at least one large focal point in your room, then scatter other smaller items into other areas of the room. Keep in mind - you want your decor to create a feeling of the season but don't let it overtake the whole house. 

Create focal points to display your fall decorating ideas

A fresh focal point in the room can re-energize the space. It also takes attention off of areas that are maybe not so attractive. By strategically placing items together, we direct the eye around the room to specific areas. Items placed in a triangle effect draw the eye to a center dominant area. 

Don't be afraid to play up your chosen area! Try using a variety of color, textures, metals, or patterns to draw attention to the space.  Use small filler items for balance. 

Figure out your budget for your fall decorating ideas

As with any design project, you have to have some kind of budget. It would be nice if everything we decorated only cost us a dime as HGTV likes to tell us. Here in the real world though, we have to be realistic. 

If you're like me, you don't like to spend a ton of money on seasonal decor. I would much rather spend my decor money on furniture that will last for years. When it comes to decorating for the seasons I want to do it as budget friendly as possible. That means that I might even have to DIY items for the season. Now, I am not a huge fan of DIY ( as a perfectionist I tend to beat myself up) so if I DIY, it needs to be something pretty simple. This might be where you realize your limitations as well. 

If you find yourself DIY challenged, too, then try to shop with budget friendly thinking. Try looking at thrift shops, antique stores or even the dollar store for items that might be unique. Use more filler items for that will help create balance.Think of items such as leaves, branches, or pine cones that are found in nature. Bonus - they cost nothing!

Now that you know where and what to embellish, you can begin to create a beautiful home full of your own fall decorating ideas. 

Are you starting to get those wheels turning about changing out your seasonal decor? I will say I'm ready to dig out the pumpkins from my storage building!

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