How to get the most out of your small space

Small spaces can be a challenge to decorate. I fully believe you must take on a different mindset, to get them most out of your space. But don’t let the small space suffocate your style. Get inspired with these ideas to create a stylish and inviting room you can enjoy.

Get the most out of your small space by thinking small

Small rooms require smaller pieces of furniture. Ditch the big items that have a large foot print. Opt for pieces that are on a smaller scale as they will not fill the room as quickly and will allow space for other pieces. For example, choose a chair that serves its purpose without being overstuffed.

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Get the most out of your space by deciding what to lose.

Survey your room and see what you don’t really have to have or what you no longer use. Clear the room of the unused items. Even consider starting with a cleaned out room. This will provide you with a fresh area to work with and you can start from scratch choosing what items are a necessity for the area.

Do you really need two desks?

Do you really need two desks?

Get the most out of your space by using multifunctional pieces of furniture.

Look to fill your room with furniture that serves a dual function. Such as an ottoman that can be open to storage space.  Try using a bed with storage underneath. If the piece you have chosen does not already have storage try to create your own by adding storage to it. Such as storage drawers under a bed or storage container that can be added to a shelf.

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Get the most out of your space by using every inch you have.

In most small rooms you will only have so much space on the rooms floor for furniture. Try to add space to the room by using wall space. Create extra storage with shelves hung on the wall. Closets can be used as well by adding chest of drawer or storage shelving to create additional storage.

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Get the most out of your space by using lighter colors to open up the space.

Lighter colors in a room will allow for more light reflection. A lighter ceiling will allow for more light reflection as well. Use smaller items to add pops of color to the room with accessories. Remember the smaller the item the brighter the color needs to be to show it off. If not small items may never be seen.

Get the most out of your space by using larger patterns.

Yes, that’s right larger patterns are just the opposite of what most of us want to use in a small space. But larger patterns will create an almost optical illusion in a larger space. Large to medium scale patterns in small room will open the space while a small pattern will become busy. This less intense pattern will allow the area to appear to expand with the pattern.  Small patterns draw the eye in and we don’t want that in an already small area.


Get the most out of your space by adding mirrors.

Mirrors create a refection in the room that can open a space up and give it the appearance of expansion. This expansion will make the room appear to be larger than it actually is. Will this give you more floor space in your room, not really, but it will prevent a closed in claustrophobic effect.

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Get the most out of your space by using as much natural light as possible.

If you have any natural light in your room you must utilize it. Instead of covering up windows open them up as much as possible. When installing curtains hang them near the ceiling and drape all the way to the floor. This will give the appearance of more height in your space.

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Get the most out of your space by using rounded corners on furniture.

When your area is small you will benefit from rounded corners on furniture. This will prevent injury from movement in the cramped space. As well as give the room a sense of flow from one piece to the other. Square corners are very defining and will close the area in.

Get the most out of your space by avoiding pushing all the furniture against the walls.

It may make seem to make sense to push all the furniture up against the walls. However, even just a few inches away from the wall will help to give a feeling of extra space. Not to mention making it easier to make the bed. Give your furniture some breathing room.

Get the most out of your space by adding an area rug.

Don’t forget the power of a rug. Rugs are used to help define a space an add comfort and warmth. In bedrooms use them beside beds. In dining rooms use them under a table or in living room create a seating area with a defining rug. Rugs will give you the opportunity to create a feeling of a room or defined area in a room. Allowing the space to appear larger.

Get the most out of your space by considering glass pieces of furniture.

Reduce the appearance of weight in your room by using a few pieces of glass furniture. Glass will give you the chance to add furniture without adding an additional feeling of weight to the space.  Your furniture may even seem to fade away from the space.  

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By changing our mindset to consider all the ways that we can make our room appear larger we can get the most out of our space.

Don't let your small space cramp your style.

Open your mind to exploring all the ways that you can open your room up and make it fit all your needs. If you have some ideas but are still not sure if they work for your space then check out the Awakening Skype Call. This design service is one that you can bounce your ideas off me and see if they are a good way of designing your space.

 Hope you can now see that just because your room is small does not mean that you can't use it to its full potential. If you still can not envision what your space will look like or are still having problems figuring out where to place your furniture then check out the Heavenly Room Package.