How to decorate your home on the daily


Decorating isn't easy. There are so many things that need to get done to decorate your home, but if you have no idea how that looks for your home you'll end up frustrated. So let's cut the frustration and get organized today without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. 

Figure out where to start

Before you can even begin to redecorate you have to know where to start and what room to work on first. I know you want to tackle the whole house but when we try to take on a project too large then it usually ends up in failure. Trust me if you take on too much you will end up kicking yourself.  Breaking the project down into smaller pieces will make things so much easier to tackle. I go over this A LOT in the design vault. It's important for you to make a priority list or you will get distracted from all of the pretty things. 

Start by doing a brain dump on all of the areas of your home you want to change or rooms you need to decorate. Once you have your list you need to prioritize your list. You need to do this in order to know where you really need to start. This way you will not spend tons of your time running all over town looking for random items for random spaces. Not knowing if any of it really even works together. Because we both know if you waste one more penny on stuff that doesn't work your husband is going to berserk. 

Get ready to decorate your home

Now that you know where to start you need to get your room ready. The best place to start is with a declutter.

  • Divide your room in your mind into 5 sections. 4 quadrants to make up your room and your 5th quadrant to be your closet. 

  • Take inventory of each quadrant one section at a time and make a list of what to keep and what to get rid of

  • Clean out drawers and consider when was the last time you used each item

  • Declutter anything on top of furniture or on the floor in each quadrant taking one quadrant at a time.

  • Tackle the closet as your 5th quadrant - if you procrastinate this part it could cost you more money in the long run

  • Pick and schedule a disposal day

Figure out what your Design Style is? 

First I want to dispell the myth you can just take a photo from Pinterest and copy the look into your room. You see, all of us have a different design style. Yes, there are categories each of us falls into. But each of us has our own look and feel to our space. You can never take someone else's look and feel completely at ease with it. You have to customize your room to you and your personality. 

Your room should show off your style, what you like and what you dislike. Guest should be able to come into your home and tell a thing or two about you. What is your favorite hobby, your favorite sport, your favorite colors, how many kids you have - even if they don't know you! 

See our homes are an outward expression of ourselves. Our style usually falls into a few different categories telling us whether we are casual comfort, traditional, rustic, modern, glam, boho or even a combination of the styles. If you don't know your style or design personality you can compare yours here. Yes, you might actually really like a combination of styles but most of us navigate into one of the categories more than others. And with so many beautiful decorative items available today it's important you stay within your style so you are not distracted. When we get distracted and this is when we tend to waste lots of time and money. 

When you know your style you can enjoy all of the beautiful decorative items but you can quickly evaluate whether it's your style. Allowing you to quickly move on to look for items that will fit your style. 

Make a decorate your home budget

A decorating plan includes everything from creating an overall look, determining the floor plan,  color schemes, patterns, and all accessories including lighting. 

By creating a decorating plan in advance you will be able to know exactly what it will cost to decorate your room. You can plan ahead and cut the budget by using things you may already have.  Use your plan to save by shopping sales! Comparison shopping before you buy is very important. You need to familiarize yourself with what things really cost.

Chances are you can't fit everything on your wishlist into your budget.  Now is the time to narrow things down. Cut out the things that aren't practical for your budget, and make adjustments where you can. Prioritizing your purchases is important because no matter what your budget is you might not be able to pay for everything all at once, so you need to decide what you need first. 

It's very easy to lose track so make it a priority to stay organized and write down each and everything you pay for during the decorating process. 

Divide and conquer

Now you know where you need to decorate, you have decluttered, your style is defined and your budget is made you can make real change happen. Now you can shop for the items on your list and check them off your priority list. This pre-planning will save your time, money and heartache that can come with trial and error decorating. You can now decorate your home and be confident in your results. If you’re still in need of help to create your plan you can go here to see how I can help you more with your plan.