How to decorate with purple and not look like its Barneys home

Yeah, you know the guy. The big purple tv dinosaur that invades homes. Yep, that one! If you have ever tried to decorate with purple you know that guy comes to mind. But you really can decorate with purple without your home looking like it belongs to Barney. And I really think you should because I am totally crushing on Pantone's color of the year. Just in case you are not sure what that is - it's Ultra purple. Why might you ask am I a fan? Well, it's not because I'm a Barney fan that is for sure.

I find purple to be a very royal, mystical, and even imaginative color. As this color is rarely seen in nature it is seen as rare and intriguing. I have loved purple for a while now as it was popular during the 90's for decor and my love began then. If you have not noticed it is also the colors of my interior design brand.  Here are some examples of some ways you can incorporate it into your own home. 

Tip #1 How to decorate with purple is to paint an accent wall

If you are feeling bold go all out and paint just one wall purple. Let this wall be your focal point wall. This deep rich color will immediately draw the eye to the wall and accentuate the focal area. Again the color is so rich that it demands attention. Pro Tip - Don't try to create more than one accent wall with color. Painting two walls will create a split in the room and the room will feel disconnected. 


Via Terri White

Tip #2 How to decorate with purple is to add some accent accessories

There are lots of places to put accessories in the home. By introducing color into our accessories we can allow them to be brighter in color as they are smaller items. These smaller items will help accentuate the room with color. Remember a small bit of color can go a long way. 


Tip #3 How to decorate with purple is to spice up your furniture

Use the furniture in the room itself as the color. When you use the color on the furniture itself the walls can be left to remain neutral. This will allow a contrast between the two and the furniture will really pop against the neutral wall color. Creating a large contrast between the wall and furniture will add a feeling of drama to space.


As you can see there are several areas of the room to use your purple color without looking like you live in Barney's home. Try using these few tips to add color to your own home. If you are not ready to paint your walls purple but would love to have a timeless paint color to use then go here to get a copy of My Favorite Timeless Paint Colors.