How to decorate the entryway everyone wants to come home to


You know I typically believe its what's on the inside that matters most. But we can't ignore the value of what is on the outside and how it can have a profound effect on how we feel on the inside. Even the small details on your outside porch can set the tone for the way you and your guests are welcomed inside.

Even the small details, you place here should feel as much like you and your style as what you create on the other side of the door. Details communicate something about our family. They're the first impressions we give as a visual acknowledgment that we care about our home and family. Everyone enters through the entry so it stands to believe we should make it as valuable as we do the other areas of the home and be intentional about how we decorate it. 

No matter if its the front or back entryway it's the first place we come to as we arrive home at the end of the day. I know I can feel myself begin to unwind as soon as I arrive at the door. Which is why it's essential it functions at its best. If I arrived home every day to a door that's hard to open then it would put a bad taste in my mouth every day.  Imagine walking up to a door lock that will only open if you use two hands, and one of your hands are full. But if that same doorway is welcoming, inviting and easy open then its easier to approach it with a totally different attitude. 

Sometimes coming in and the door shutting behind me is the best kind of hello as it blocks the world out behind me. Although in lots of homes the entry tends to be a bit overlooked.

We tend to pour more of our decorating energy into the main entertaining areas of the home - I get that. But it's amazing how the outside and entryway can affect how we feel on the inside. Even the small details on the porch entrance set the tone, like the planters, sconces, and welcome mat. 

I'm a strong believer in functionality doesn't need to be sacrificed to make space feel inviting. So making sure you provide specific places for your family members and guests to kick off their shoes and stash their bags is a way of saying come on in. Some entryways can be small and awkward to decorate around. This is where we have to analyze the space to get the most out of it.  In the small limiting spaces of an entryway try adding in a large mirror to help the space appear larger.

When we are intentional with designing a space with our needs in mind we can tell known as soon as we walk in. This will also reflect on our visitors. They also see what we need, who we are and what matters to us. No matter who our entry greets it should be well thought out and welcoming. 

Yes, of course, these spaces serve as our first hello we want it to be beautiful. No matter where you live or how big your paycheck or your family is your home can be a place you love to come home to and enjoy inviting others to as well. 

What to consider for your entryway:

  • Make a statement - no matter how large, small or in between your entry is jt likely to only take up a small amount of square footage. Play up the area by using unique decor choices, like statement lighting fixtures, furniture, and interesting flooring.

  • Key functions - Pay attention to how the functionality needs to be incorporated into the entry - this is essential as it's the spot where people drop things when they walk in the door. 

  • Incorporate key elements - Look for ways to serve those how to live there and use the space. Add hooks, baskets, and shelves as catchalls for everyday things. As well as adding in the sentimental pieces of art like antiques, and personal style. 

Things you can add to your entryway: 

  • Key hook

  • Scented Candles

  • console table

  • lamp or sconce

  • accent chair or bench

  • welcome mat

  • boot tray

  • umbrella stand

  • hooks

  • baskets 

  • oversized mirror

Don't forget to add in texture to warm up space. The entryway tends to have hard surface flooring for easy cleaning but we don't want it to lose its warmth so adding a rug cannot only catch excess dirt from traveling further inside but can also provide a cozy feeling. Try mixing things up with practicality and visual interest. Add in some greenery whenever you can as a finishing detail and to bring the outdoors in. 

If you find yourself troubleshooting your entryway here are a few solutions:

Lack of interest - try playing up the flooring with something distinguishing or interesting such as tile. If this is an open concept try adding a pretty rug or runner.

Drab doors - add a fresh coat of paint to your existing door with a bit of color, or add a new door with sidelights. You could even try a door with a window to light a dark space.

Need Storage- Add a piece of furniture that can double for storage or you can use the area under the furniture for storage with baskets. If you don’t mind the lived in look add wall hooks for coats and more important functionality.

Not inviting - Layer in a mixture of textures with framed art, greenery, and candlesticks. Add an area rug to warm up the space.

Low ceiling or poor lighting - Install a flush mount light fixture that hangs closer to the ceiling. Keep the wall color light and hang a mirror to reflect more light.

Even though entryways tend to be one of the smallest areas in the home it's no insignificant part of how it affects how we feel. It can create a great experience from the time we walk up on the porch. So make sure you are creating a happy place for your home as soon as you walk to the door.

If you need help with coming up with decorating solutions then join us in the Happy Home Society and see how to streamline your decorating efforts so you can focus on the good things in life like family, friends and wine.