How to choose a paint color like a pro?

There are several steps that should be taken into consideration when you choose a paint color like a pro. Through my years of helping homeowners, I find one thing that lots of homeowners lack when choosing items for the home is self-confidence.

When the stress of picking the right color is keeping you up at night follow these few steps. These steps will help you feel more confident about choosing your own paint.

Pick a paint color

Pick a paint color

Step #1 How to choose a paint color like a pro: consider how you want the color to make you feel.

Paint colors can put us in a mood based on the way they make us feel. Color’s such as blue and green can give us a comforted, peaceful feeling. Red and orange can make you more excited. Yellows give us a feeling of happiness.

There are areas of our home that we can be more of a free spirit such as a bonus room or a gaming room area. Choose bolder colors that present more drama for those areas. As well, there are areas that should make us feel more at peace and restful such as a bedroom. Here you should choose paint colors that are soft, cool or neutral. Choose a paint color like a pro and consider how a color will make you feel.

Step #2 How to choose a paint color like a pro: consider the lighting in your area.

All interiors have artificial lighting and that lighting can distort or change the appearance of a paint color. Incandescent lighting such as a lamp puts off a warmer light. Fluorescent light such as kitchen fixtures put off a cool blue lighting.

After, you have chosen a color in natural lighting always try it as well in the artificial lighting. The time of day will change how the natural lighting will affect the color so make sure you view your color at different times of the day. Choose a paint color like a pro and consider the lighting in your area.

Step #3 How to choose a paint color like a pro: discover which hue a color originated from.

Paint colors have all sorts of tints and shades that vary in color. Each of the colors has an original base color that they started from. It is when other colors are added to the original color that we start to see variations of color. Sometimes it is difficult to tell of colors that are in taupe or beige or even grays originally started. A good way to test these colors is to take a paint fan and spread it out. you will begin to see the colors in a more defined manner. You can then compare this to your wall to detect where your wall color originated from. 

Step #4 How to choose a paint color like a pro: stop trying to match your colors.

Most of us try to match our paint color to a fabric or object that is going in the room. However, matching does not allow for any contrast in the space and is simply boring. To add interest to your room try going lighter, darker than a fabric or the object in the room you are pulling your color choice from. You can even try using a complementary color. By changing the color, or by adding lighter or darker shades of your color choice you will add more interest to your space. To choose a paint color like a pro, try variations of color in your room.

Step #5 How to choose a paint color like a pro: live with the color.

All paint stores now give you the option to buy a small paint container to be used as a sample. Paint yourself a sample on the wall or on an extra piece of sheetrock scrap or even poster board. Make sure to display your paint samples in the room to be painted. Try to sense if the color gives you the feeling you are trying to achieve. By living with the paint color you will be choosing a paint color like a pro.

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