How to avoid mistakes choosing paint colors in your empty nest

empty nest paint color selections

A great way to lift the mood in your empty nest is by repainting but choosing a paint color can be difficult. I find that many of us make mistakes when we are ready to pick our paint color. Here I will go over some of the most common and biggest mistakes and how to avoid them in your home.

Step #1 In your empty nest don’t pick the paint color first.

Avoid picking a paint color first when decorating a room. There are lots of colors to choose from so you will find this step easier if you leave it closer to last.

There are lots of objects that make up a room's decor. Look for colors to inspire you. You will find these colors in fabric, pictures, flooring, and accessories. Don't forget there are many companies to choose from- don't limit yourself to just one company.

However, there are usually only a few other items you find you can’t live without. Such as we usually find the comforter that we can’t live without or the sofa that sits just right.

You may even have a family heirloom you would like to use in your space draw your color inspiration from these types of items.

Step #2 In your empty nest don’t ignore trendy colors.

As much as most of us would like to avoid being trendy it's a must to examine what's popular before decorating a room. Colors come and go out of style in decor and usually follow clothing trends.

Choosing a color that's out of style can make it difficult to incorporate other items into the room that will compliment your color. If you chose a color, then go the store and it's not available in items that coordinate it could be disastrous. You'll find yourself digging around everywhere trying to pull colors together to make your space work.

Most of the time you will find you'll settle for something that's not what you really wanted. Avoid making mistakes when choosing a paint color and consider what is trendy.

Step #3 In your empty nest consider the house as a whole.

When choosing a paint color, we tend to forget the room we're working with is still connected to the rest of the house. Don’t make the mistake of painting a room a color that looks like it belongs in the house down the street.

Your home should feel harmonious in color. Choosing colors that are of the same intensity will help your home feel like they belong together. That does not mean that you have to use all the same color. Matter of fact it's quite boring to use all the same color in a home.

Pulling in colors in complementary colors to contrast one another will help unify the space as long as they are of the same intensity. Avoid big mistakes when choosing a paint color and consider the house as a whole. 

Step #4 In your empty nest don't pick a color that is too bright.

Rooms need to have some bold intense colors. But be aware most of us tend to get tired of bright colors quickly. Reserve a bright color for smaller items such as accessories. Using the brighter color on smaller items will help them stand out more as they're smaller in size or amount.

Allow your walls to be a backdrop for the bolder more intense colors in the room. Avoid big mistakes when choosing a paint color by picking a color that is too bright. 

Taking steps to avoid making mistakes when you pick a paint choice can make a huge difference in how your home decor project ends. Ensure your empty nest is happy with the end results by considering these steps first. If you know someone who could benefit from these tips share this post or pin it for later so you can refer back to it. 

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