How to avoid common mistakes when shopping online for furniture?

My secrets to avoiding common mistakes when shopping online for furniture.

mistakes when shopping online for furniture

Let's face it the world has changed. We now all go to the computer to shop before we go to the store. It is more important than ever to learn to shop smart online. 

Yeah, I know that you know how to go the computer and Google a piece of furniture. But do you know what to consider before you click the checkout button? If you don't you may find yourself with that dreaded feeling of buyer's remorse from a misunderstanding.

We have to change the way we think before we hit the add to cart button. Here are some of my secret ways to keep from having buyers remorse.

The first way to avoid common mistakes when shopping online for furniture is to have a plan. 

Having a plan before you start shopping is essential to a beautifully designed room. This will give you the opportunity to visualize your room before your project even begins. When you know in advance what you are looking for and where to buy it. This resolves to much time spent going from store to store to find what you need for your room.

The second, way to avoid common mistakes when shopping online for furniture read the reviews.

Always read the reviews on a product before you place an order. This is a good way to get a sense of the quality before you purchase. If there are no reviews on the product then Google and check other sites for the same product and reviews. This gives you an option of learning if others who purchased the material.

The third, way to avoid common mistakes when shopping online for furniture set realistic expectations.

When shopping online you must realize that the items will look different in your home than they do in pictures. There is always the risk when you purchase something without seeing it that it might not meet your expectations 100% when it arrives. Don't be afraid to call the company with any questions you have about a product. Verify before ordering anything that you are uncertain of.

These are just a few of my secrets that can help you not fail at your online shopping experience. If you would like to hear more of these secrets and other design ideas you can get them when you sign up for my VIP list here.

I know some of these seem like they should be a no brainer right? But sometimes we get so excited that we have found something we just can't live without that we can't wait to click the add to cart button. When we do that we make mistakes that can cost us lots of time money and we are then sad from buyers remorse. Don't make that common mistake again. If you need help coming up with a plan check out my design services here