Here's where you can find art for your empty nest


One of the hardest parts of decorating can be trying to figure out where to find art. Well, look no further because I've got you covered and have already done the homework for you. I am going to tell you where to find it and you might be surprised to find out it's - ALREADY IN YOUR HOME.

That's right you already have lots of hidden art you can use already in your home. The key is to dig out this hidden art and use it to tell the story of your family. Yes, I'm a big advocate for making your home reflect your family. I mean that is what a home is for right?

Well if the home is where you raised your family then shouldn't it show off your family and what you love. What better way to do that than by displaying art to show off your family - as I like to say it tells your story. Consider it a tribute to all the hard work you put into raising a family. 

Find art #1 by looking back through old art projects. 

As moms we keep EVERYTHING our kids have made for us- at least we want the kids to think we did. You know the collection of maccarroni art under the bed in the box. Yeah, I know about it as I have my own maccarroni collection. But seriously what better way to show how far your little one has come than by displaying a piece of art they created years ago. This piece of art will stand as a great reminder of just how far your child has come. If you don't have a piece of art then maybe it is handprint framed and displayed to show their physical growth. 

Find art #2 by displaying photos of a memorable trip with the family

There is always one vacation that will stand out to you the most. Such as - my family took a trip to Disney World and we took my son on The Tower of Terror Ride - hindsight says this was probably not the best idea I've had. This ride scared my son half to death (he was old enough and big enough to ride) as he had not ever ridden a ride quite this intense before. Needless to say, I wouldn't do it again or recommend it to you. But because of my son's reaction to this ride, he still remembers it to this day. This has been an experience we had together and we have talked about for years. Now I would never display this petrified reaction - but I would display other pictures from this trip as it always brings up the ride. 

Find art #3 by displaying things you have inherited

Through the years you may have inherited items you are just not sure what to do with. Such as a china set your grandmother left you. Display grandma's plates on the wall and show off the beauty of the china and remember grandma by. This will not only show off the beauty of the china, remember grandma but will also free up the china cabinet for other items. If your inherited item is a piece of furniture then see how you can use it or repurpose it. I received a singer sewing machine from my grandmothers I now use as a dressing table. 

Find art #4 by displaying themed items that are loved.

Do you or a loved one in your home have a favorite sport, hobby or movie? Use items you already have that display your love of this thing you hold so dear. My husband is a super huge fan of ALL things Star Wars. Throughout the years his collection of items has grown quite extensively. I don't however ask him to hide the things he loves away in a box - but we don't display everything he has either. I have embraced his love of the movie and tried to incorporate it into our living room. Remember - you can scatter some items out throughout the house and not everything has to be put together in one area. 

Find art #5 by displaying secret family stories

This is probably one of my favorites. There are things your family loves to do together or shares a common interest in but that might not be apparent on the surface. Such as maybe you and your husband love long walks together on the beach. Display a shell you picked up while walking together. In my home, we love love love our dogs like they are part of the family. And we also love our love of good beer and wine. We have a picture to display this love we found years ago - we forgot we had til we remodeled our living room. Drag out the old memorable items. An old library book may remind you of meeting your special someone at the library while in college. The best part is it's a special something for family members and your guests wouldn't know unless they ask or you told. Which is not likely to happen. Secret memories are the BEST as they tell a story. 

Looking throughout your home to find art to use can be so much fun. As you dig through the memories and feelings attached to items reminisce about all the meaning behind the items. Get creative with different ways you can repurpose items. Don't hide items with meaning any longer and definitely don't go out and purchase art until you check what you already have first. 

If you have items you want to use but are just not sure how then I am here to help with a one on one consultation. We can create a roadmap for you and your space so you can get specific about what you are wanting to achieve and how to achieve it. Take the guesswork out of decorating. Go here to see more about how my services can help you or schedule a consultation today.