Here's how to pick the right type of carpet for your home.

Choosing the right type of carpet your home will ensure that you are happy with your choice for many years to come.  

But for many shoppers looking for carpet can be very overwhelming. Many get this feeling as soon as they walk into the store. There can feel like an ocean of material to choose from and many people do not have a clue where to start. The last thing we want to do is spend out lots of money on a carpet that you are not happy with and will have to live with for years to come.  There are questions that you need to ask yourself to ensure that you pick the carpet with the best characteristics for your home.

#1 Consider the type of carpet according to the amount of traffic it will get.

Some rooms of your home get more traffic than others. Rooms that are getting lots of traffic will need a carpet that can handle the amount of traffic it will receive. Triexta and nylon are some of the most popular yarns for high traffic areas. They will keep their look longer than polyester in high traffic areas. Polyester should not be ruled out however for the room that does not get as much traffic or that are not heavily used. 

#2 Consider who is going to use it this type of carpet

Think about all the members of your family including the ones with four legs. Kids and pets are likely to cause more damage to a carpet than middle aged to older people. The carpet in the home with kids and pets will need to be easy to clean. Dupont Stainmaster has become a household name and is the stain protection applied to some nylon carpets.  All carpets have some type of stain protection applied but can be removed after several cleanings. Triexta fiber is a naturally stain resistant and the stain resistance can not be removed by cleaning. Making it a great product for homes with kids and pets.

#3 Consider how long you will need this type of carpet to last

Home is where you hang your hat they say. So the question becomes how long do you plan on hanging your hat there. Polyester carpet is known to clean well but is not great at holding its look very long. Polyester begins to show wear in highly traveled areas a lot sooner than nylon and triexta. Polyester, however, is still very popular as it the least expensive fiber this makes it very desirable for consumers wanting to fix up a home to sell. Nylon and triexta are very durable and hold their new look a lot longer. This makes these fibers more durable and better for high traffic areas. 

When you stop and shop with more than just your hand and feel you are more likely to make an informed decision.  Really analyze these things in your own home before you make any decisions on new carpet will help to ensure that you will be happy with your new flooring for years to come. If you would like more information on the different types of flooring you can check out my ebook What you need to know before you buy a new floor.  There are also facebook videos were I talk about flooring. You can go here to view those.