Five Ways to Dress Up Your Tables for Fall

Turkey time will be here before you know it. Your dining room table is going to be the workhorse piece of furniture for the holidays, so why not give it a spruce up? Create memories with your family at the table in a perfect setting.

1. Top way to dress up your tables for fall is creating a centerpiece.

Create a simple centerpiece for the fall season by using a white serving dish.
Buy a few of those miniature sized pumpkins and gourds. Place them on top of
your serving dish. Then find some Maple tree leaves. If you haven’t got a maple
tree, you can also head over to the craft store for some faux fall foliage.


2. Top way to dress up your tables for fall is create diy pumpkins.

Set aside some of the gourds you have placed on your white serving dish.
Take them out of the house and spray paint them in a glittery gold color and
attach some faux jewels. Then you can place these on a shelf. These will truly
stand out with some light focused on them to reflect the light from the faux



3. Top way to dress up your table for fall is place a wreath at the entrance.

Place a wreath on your front door. You can find a wreath at your craft store to decorate it your way or if you are lucky enough to find items you can use outside to fashion your own wreath that works as well.

4. Top ways to dress up your table is with candle holders.

Use your pumpkins and gourds for vases and candle holders. To make them look more unique, cut out holes in your pumpkins and place votives inside for a
delightful piece that illuminates your table.


5. Top ways to dress up your table is by adding apples.


Have a large glass bowl or basket ? Fill it with the apples you have picked. Add some
submersible lights and water and you have a really unique and eye-catching a piece of décor for your kitchen or dining room table. 

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