Entertain in your home without throwing up in your mouth

Confronting why we don't entertain in our homes

I read a great article from Ever Thine Home the other day that said to use your home for influence. I'll summarize it for you - we need to use our homes and actually invite others in to build relationships. This article admits that the writer realizes "Opening up your home feels daunting." ( Go here to read the whole thing.) 

She explains we've been blessed with the home that we have, but often fall victim to a busy world and tend to opt for the convenience of public spaces such as restaurants. She goes onto tell you some easy ways to begin to entertain in our homes again. You can do this easily by doing a pot luck, starting with small group meetings and welcoming in your friends' children.  I totally agree with her - we need to open our homes again to build relationships. 

When was the last time you invited someone over to your own home? Gone are the days where folks "go visiting". I must admit, even I am guilty of the convenience of the local restaurant for meeting friends. She has pointed out the convenience factor associated with entertaining in our homes.

There are some basic reasons that relate to our decor that explain why we don't entertain in our homes like we use to. 

Let's look at them here and see how we can fix them to open our homes up again to friends. 

Entertain more when you quit being a perfectionist 

We all have to do lists in our homes. These lists may include repairs or just quick room fixer uppers. This list can, however, make us feel pressure to finish the list before we can entertain. We need to realize that our homes are never really done. Our homes age, trends change, and our lifestyles change. All these changes can make the to-dos just a revolving list that never seems to be done. 

Tackle one project at a time, one room at a time but don't let it prevent you from entertaining. Don't be the perfectionist that needs to get the whole list completed. If you wait on the whole list to be done,  chances are you're never going to entertain. 

Entertain even without adequate seating

Creating an area to converse is essential to entertaining. When we try to entertain, we find we don't have enough seating for all our guests. Don't be afraid to pull in chairs from other areas of your home. Dining rooms and office areas often have extra seating - you can even pull up a rocker from the baby's room. 

Your friends will appreciate the coziness and bringing in chairs will give an eclectic feel to the room. Making an even more inviting area with no pressures of coordinating furnishings this also allows for better conversation areas. Besides, they probably have the same issue and they'll actually be glad to find that they aren't the only one with this seating problem. 

Entertain without keeping up with the Joneses 

Have you ever walked into someone home and thought, "Their home seems perfect. Do they have a cleaning lady or what? Do they really even live here?" This is a sin problem that society has taught us - we must go bigger and better or go home. Remember - a perfectly clean home doesn't mean it's not full of chaos. 

There is more to a beautiful home than a bunch of pretty pictures. Our homes are a reflection of our story. We need to learn to love the homes that we have and not envy others. Create a home that encourages others by feeling confident that God has blessed you with a home no matter how big or how small it is. Encourage others to love their homes as well by inviting them into your home to see how you and your family lives. 

Enjoy your time with your guests without throwing up in your mouth with worry.  You might be surprised that your friends don't expect you to be perfect and really just came to spend time with you. Lowering your bar of perfection will allow for them to enjoy their time without worrying about their own inadequacies. 

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